In the third episode of HBO’s four-part comedy series 2 Dope Queens (airing Friday nights in February), Williams and Robinson take on the forever captivating subject of HOT PEEN! Says Phoebe – “men will be objectified here.” And they are, but only a little. We hear more details about the Queens’ white baes, an account of their years living single in the city, and what it’s like to swing and miss while interacting with famous (and technically hot) Hollywood men.

That said, let’s all take a moment to bow the hell down to Queen Phoebe who describes how she saw a chance to take a shot with John -Freaking- Hamm and went for it. How did it turn out? It doesn’t matter. That’s how you play the game, Phoebe. That’s how you do FEMINISM. Jessica brings us back to reality with discussion of her teenage purity promise and a guy she tried to hook up with for three awkward years.

Special guest star Tituss Burgess joins the Queens onstage for pinot, real talk about the heavenly body Beyoncé, and stories including “Too Many White Friends: A Black Woman’s Journey into Learning How to Swim.” Spoiler–Jessica and Tituss aren’t going with any white people who want to get them on a boat. Third episode comedians include John Early,—who presents as a youth pastor and will be my ally in the coming bread wars— Jackie Kashian,—a nice hwhite lady who accepts her role as a human shield in these dark and troubled political times—and Kevin Barnett—who I would not like to have as my brother.

All in all: Episode three was fab. I learned more about black hair in my SJP safe space (edges. Also, HBO has a hair and makeup budget) and I love the chemistry between Williams and Robinson. These two are tight, real friends who are incredibly dynamic onstage. Next week I’ll review the final episode of the four-part series, “Black Nerds (aka Blerds),” so come back! I’ll be binging the podcast until then.