Photo Credit: 2 Dope Queens, HBO

Photo Source: 2 Dope Queens Image via HBO

The final episode of HBO’s four-part comedy special with the 2 Dope Queens, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, is called “Black Nerds (aka Blerds),” and that title is appropriate as hell. The queens tell us right from the start: “We’re black and we like nerdy shit!” Yaaassss! Nerds, we are everyone everywhere and we all like nerdy shit, so let’s get down.

Williams jumps in nerd-first by describing her fashion story as a Craft-inspired, “You’re a Virgin Who Can’t Drive” look while Robinson pays homage to cocoa Khaleesi’s everywhere with her Cersi metal-waisted realness. We learn what the Queens call their lady-parts (Hermione and Mary J. Blige–in case you’re wondering), and that Williams dreams of being an herbal tea maven (and she has the private Pinterest boards to prove it).

The nerd facts: Williams tells the story of realizing one of her greatest fantasies when she visited the Sims home office (a benefit of your career blowing up!) and Robinson describes her foray into fantasy now that she has started watching Game of Thrones (with credit to white bae). Phoebe’s just finding out that the rest of us have several years in on this thing. I hope she has fun with that Red Wedding . . . .

Special guest star Uzo Abuda hangs on the stage with a little rosé (or white male tears, but who’s asking?), a talk about her background in scary sports on skis, and her nerdiness for old gaming systems (consoles and standing units. She’s the real deal, guys). The Queens talk word games, Tetris, we learn which of the three is willing to marry Neil Degrasse Tyson, and who throws Al Roker under the bus.

Comedians include Naomi Ekperigin,—who may be one of the strongest comedians of the whole series and loves her Jew-boo—Al Jackson and the story of his best zero student who definitely has 99 problems, and Gary Gulman who is tall with curly hair and has a very major man-crush on Chris Pine (yeah, who doesn’t?).

The final breakdown: the last episode is fab and the entire series leaves me and Queen fans everywhere wanting more. A final scene with Tig Notaro gives a moment of face time to the Queens fearless director and to the insane triumph of women working with women to make moves on HBO. I’m going to keep up with the podcast and everything coming up for the Queens so come back and check in and I’ll keep you in the know!