Source: CW Network // Jane the Virgin

As excited as I am for Jane’s new world, I gotta say, Chapter 56 was pretty boring. Yes, we learned some interesting things that will definitely propel the story forward, but overall I wasn’t too interested in anyone’s storylines.

But let’s start with Jane.

After Michael died, Jane started having frequent panic attacks that were rather debilitating, so her therapist gave her a trick to assess the root of the attack: put your hand on your heart, breathe deeply, and H.A.L.T. (are you Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?). Even though the timeline is a little fuzzy, it seems like she was able to leave therapy after a while, and she’s been attack free for some time now. But they’ve resurfaced now that Michael’s old partner, Dennis, is investigating Scott’s death at The Marbella. I know what you’re thinking: why does she hate Dennis? Well, it’s actually for sort of a stupid reason: he was trying to get some of Michael’s information on the Sin Rosetro case to clear his name…without talking to Jane. But seriously, that’s not THAT big of a deal. Maybe that’s just me though…I told you I didn’t like this episode very much.

That wasn’t all Jane had to deal with this week, though. After she triumphantly quit her job with the publishing monster Chloe Leland, she found out she wouldn’t get her full paycheck from her book until it’s actually published. While her plan was to grovel for her job back, Rafael had a much better idea: she should be the Marbella lounge manager (just until she doesn’t need the money anymore). Yes! Jane back at the Marbella. This is great for #TeamRaf fans everywhere.

Also happening at the Marbella, Rafael and Petra were thrilled to learn that Scott’s body was found on Chuck’s property…NOT The Marbella (cough cough because Petra moved it over the property line with a shovel). But no one else knows this and Petra’s obviously feeling some guilt, so she works tirelessly to prove Scott’s death was an accident (he got drunk and drowned). Chuck took this as a sign of affection from Petra, but it’s hard to really tell how either of these two feel about each other. They’re both a little twisted…which may be why they sort of work. While it was nice to assume for a hot minute that Scott’s death actually was an accident, Rafael pulled one of his prison buddies (now working at the Marbella) out back in the alley and basically said ‘wow that was a close one’. Not good, Raf. Tisk. Tisk.

In Rogelio’s world, he spent the hour trying to get back on everyone’s good side after it was revealed that he DID approve of Xiomara’s onscreen breakdown. A conversation with the ever-so-wise Alba is what finally set him straight. He decided to quit The De La Vega Factor Factor while still under contract, which is sure to cause problems later.

Let’s hope Chapter 57 is a little more interesting.