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The Good Place Chapter 10 – Chidi’s Choice

Source: NBCU // The Good Place

Everyone loves Chidi (who is surprisingly ripped), Tahani is offended at snack foods, Jason seeks solace in Ariana Grande, and nobody asked you Bambadjan

Also, please listen to Digital Get Down as you read this recap, the episode ended with the classic *NSYNC jam and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

Source: NBCU // The Good Place

Everyone is trying to figure out how to get Sean, the almighty deciding lord figure, to let Fake-Eleanor stay in The Good Place. Real Eleanor & Bambadjan (a human rights advocate on Earth) try to work on a legal defense while Michael & Chidi try to mount an ethical argument. Meanwhile, Jason comes clean about his identity to Tahani and decides to marry Janet.

Yes, Janet & Jason get married in a actually sort of a sweet ceremony and smoosh cake into each other’s faces and everything. How will this work? I’m so curious I might die!

Source: NBCU // The Good Place

Meanwhile, Eleanor & Tahani are bonding, watching a BBC show and doing each other’s hair and opening up and being supportive and perfect and oh man do I love a good #FemaleFriendship!

Elsewhere, Michael is trying to get Chidi to make decisions without having a meltdown every time. We learn, through flashbacks to his life, that he’s always been EXTREMELY indecisive. In fact, our sweet little Ethics professor died because an air conditioner fell on him while he stood in the street for 30 minutes because he couldn’t pick A BAR!

Source: NBCU // The Good Place

So anyway, onto the “everybody loves Chidi” thing. Real Eleanor realizes Fake Eleanor loves him when she says his name like 9 times in 4 minutes. Real encourages Fake to tell Chidi how she feels, claiming that she might regret it. Real Eleanor also clearly loves Chidi just because he’s supposedly her soulmate and homegirl has been through A LOT lately. Lastly, Tahani has an epiphany and realizes that Chidi loves her because he painted a ballerina painting for her.

After learning that he has all these suitors, Chidi spins the fork out! Michael compares them to froyo to help him decide and it works! But it’s all for naught. Chidi chooses to look each woman in the eyes and go with his gut, but when he gets there, they’ve all calmed down from their traumas, tell him they don’t love him, and leave because Tahani has a plan to get Fake Eleanor to stay!

Source: NBCU // The Good Place


  • Congratulations Chidi, you filibustered recess.
  • I’m just a girl, towering over a boy, asking him to admit he loves me.
  • I will not be back, for many days.
  • Also, I’m programmed to be nice to everyone.
  • “you” is spreading
  • You look like a sexy tan Rapunzel…*sigh* the dream
  • Tragic Mike
  • Send nude pics of your heart to me
  • According to the central theme of 231600 songs, movies, poems and novels that I researched for these vows in the last three seconds, that’s what love is all about.
  • Hey, it’s my three favourite yogurts.

Will Tahani’s plan work? Will Chidi ever find his actual soulmate? Will we see more into Eleanor’s life (both real and fake)? AND WHEN WILL THIS GEM OF A SHOW BE RENEWED FOR A SECOND SEASON COUGH COUGH NBC COUGH?!

Source: NBCU // The Good Place

Tune in tonight at 8:30/7:30c on NBC for episode 11 of 13 & livetweet the shirt out of it with #TheGoodPlace.

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