Last week’s episode of Scorpion was by far the most emotional episode of the season so far. Whether Cabe and Sly won or lost their trial, there was bound to be tears. And hugs. A lot of hugs.

A quick recap: While Cabe and Sly were in court the rest of the team developed odd coping mechanisms to deal with their anxiety. Toby took on a daredevil persona, Happy became unusually sensitive and hard on herself and Walter stress ate an unknown number of pastries. And Paige…became increasingly (and understandably) annoyed with every moment she had to help them stay together. So, they embarked on a mission to save a diabetic dog who had fallen into a cistern because they needed an outlet for their overwhelming emotion. After several technical errors, some emotional realizations and calling in Flo for help the dog was saved and the team managed to compose themselves just before they discovered the outcome of Cabe’s trial.

The members of Scorpion are known for their lack of emotion due to their crazy high IQs. In fact, that’s the only reason Paige was offered a job with them—she’s their source of emotional support and helps balance them all out. In this episode, we saw an interesting reversal of roles where the genius members of the team were completely overwhelmed with emotion Paige was unable to express her own feelings about Cabe’s trial. And while she did help them come to their senses, she did so by forcing them to help themselves. Basically, going off and yelling at them was a way of simultaneously expressing her own frustrations and grounding her teammates. Everyone’s personalities completely changed, and it was amazing to see Paige hold herself and everyone else together under so much stress.

But now to the good stuff. Sly used “demonstrative evidence” by putting an electric ankle cuff on the judge’s wrist, and at that point, he nearly lost the case. Even Cabe’s emotional testimony did not appear to be the saving grace he had hoped it would be. But am I the only one who was actually surprised when he rushed in with a case file from 1804 as his “hail Margaret”? I had a feeling the case would sway in his favor somehow, but using an antiquated law was not how I thought it would happen. I underestimated Sly, and his stellar memory and attention to detail saved the day!

Cabe may not have shown as much emotion as he did in the days leading up to his case, but he did get sappy and poetic. He left gifts for each member of the team in case the trial did not go his way, and oh man did that get emotional. The gifts seemed to get more personal as they were opened, but nothing could ever hold a light to the gift Walter received: the letter Cabe wrote when requesting Walter’s visa.

This moment was a game-changer for Walter. He spent the entire episode literally swallowing his feelings and he has been struggling to express any emotion all season, but when he read that letter he was forced to confront just how much he cared for Cabe. And Paige gently reassured him that it was okay to express that emotion. I think that moment is going to be a catalyst for some more intensive Waige development in the second half of the season.

So, long story short, I may have cried during this episode. Whether it was because Cabe was finally cleared of the charges against him and showed how much he cared for his team or because the writers decided it was okay to show a dog DROWNING…I guess you’ll never know. But this episode was my absolute favorite so far this season because it was jam-packed with character development.

Now that Cabe is off the hook, who’s excited for tonight’s Christmas episode of Scorpion?! This year’s special looks like it’s going to get weird with some time-lapse goodness, but I just know there’s going to be a Waige mistletoe smooch and Toby will find some sort of weird Christmas outfit for Happy to wear. I mean, what kind of Christmas episode would it be without those things? Let me know what you’re most excited for!