American Gods is a series based on a book by Neil Gaiman. The second season comes out March 10th on Starz. I am so excited!

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It revolves around a man named Shadow Moon who is released from prison days before his actual release date. The reason for release is his wife Laura, was in a fatal car accident. Making his way home he meets a man who calls himself Mr. Wednesday. Completely weirded out by Mr. Wednesday, Shadow passes on the job offered. Later they meet again along with Mad Sweeney. After a short game and brief fight Shadow makes a pact with Mr. Wednesday. After the funeral he finds out that his wife was having an affair with his best friend. The coin he gained from Sweeney, he flips it on Laura’s grave.

Shadow goes around with Mr. Wednesday and does what he says. Along the Way we meet a number of Old Gods. They walk among us, some weaker than others as faith in them wans. New Gods have come into being and are trying to oust the Old Gods. Some of the Old Gods have a working relationship or at the very least symbiotic relationship with the New Gods, but there are those who are willing to fight with Mr. Wednesday.

Source IMDB

Laura, Shadow’s wife, got possession of Mad Sweeney’s coin and came back to life more or less. She is still decaying but she is superhuman strong and doesn’t trust Mr. Wednesday. Sweeney takes her to Ostara who can sometimes resurrect those who are dead. In this particular case Ostara can do nothing.

Wednesday finally reveals who he is. Odin, ruler of the Norse Gods. Ostara shows off hr power. Finally Shadow believes.

Remember to watch American Gods on Starz Sunday March 10th. Let me know what you think and who you are rooting for in the comment below,