This was a Daniel Salazar centered episode for sure, which was very much needed with him being missing since the middle of season 2, outside of the brief showing last week. Daniel was understandably on the move after the fire, he was stopped by a number of walkers as he made his escape. He ended up hiding under a car as one of the straggler walkers got a read on him. The walker got a hold of his leg and injured him, causing Daniel to keep under vehicle out of the walkers grasp. Someone passing through saw a walker going after something under the car so he came over with a hammer and a spike, and drilled it into the walkers head giving it mercy. He helps Daniel out, he sees that his leg is hurt and offers to get him to someone who can look at it.

This episode was in Spanish, with subtitles throughout, it was a hard to follow if you didn’t know Spanish as if you take your eyes off the screen you might miss something, same thing with taking notes. Efrain, the man who saved Daniel has a bicycle with a make shift cart on the front, and thankfully right?! He uses that to transport Daniel to Lola who is able to, well essentially fillet his leg like a piece of meat. Removing all of the dark dead skin that the walker got her hand on. Daniel had to use a cane for mobility for the time being. He didn’t end up staying with Efrain for very long, he made home under a bridge, but not before he showed Daniel that a fountain in town would spit out water at 5 pm every Thursday which stragglers who weren’t working for Dante would gather to keep alive.

He decided to leave instead of staying with Efrain, he did it at night when Efrain was sleeping, but he wasn’t very mobile yet, a walker was hot on his trail, but Daniel was able to get the walker into the water stream and it drifted away. He didn’t get much farther when a huge wrestler type looking walker got in his way. Daniel had absolutely no way for survival, when, I’ll say it, one of the cheesiest moments of the series happened, when the walker got hit with lightning ended the walker. It sent Daniel sprawling from the impact as well. The next morning, we see a clean up crew clearing up walkers from the sewer pipe, Daniel was alive under the large walker and caught them off guard. At this point Daniel was on the inside of the fence, in Dante’s compound, putting the clean up crew in a tough position. They couldn’t try to sneak Daniel out because they would be caught and would get into trouble, if they kept him around and he is found nobody would believe he washed in and they would get killed. One of the guards does find Daniel, but not before Lola sees and recognizes him, she says that her job is to keep the water clean and they needed another person for it.

In the cafeteria the workers are eating, when Dante and his guards come in everyone else immediately stands up, with the exception of Daniel, he just kept eating. After Dante made his way through one of the guards came up to Daniel and asked why he didn’t stand. He said he didn’t know, the guard tried to make a move at Daniel and he stabbed him in the hand with a fork. Guard tried to attack Daniel and it was deflected, Dante came over and asked who he was. He asked if he was a member of some different groups, until he got Daniel to let him see the tattoo on the inside of his bottom lip. Daniel told him he has killed 96 people, and Dante told the guards to open a seat at his table and it’s not wise to pick a fight with Daniel. Daniel is no longer on clean up crew but apart of Dante’s inner circle and is now in charge of torture and information.

Dante and the guards know that someone, somewhere has been stealing water so they have been going into town to try to find who the culprit(s) are. They end up where Efrain previously showed Daniel the fountain, and sadly it was nearing 5 pm on a Thursday where the water was going to start, so Daniel made a decision, to blow the whistle on Efrain, sacrificing him, instead of sacrificing the fountain, which would in turn expose Lola as the water treatment person who was helping the town. Efrain was caught, but he didn’t think that he would have had to interview Efrain, when he was called in, he whispered to Efrain what will happen if he talks, how many will die, and what will happen if he doesn’t talk, only one will die.

The truth comes out, so more members are brought to be thrown to the walker pile. Efrain, Lola, Strand, and some others, Dante wants Daniel to be the one to kill the hostages. Daniel gets a gun, he takes a few moments to collect himself, and he ends up killing Dante, and 3 of his guards, pulling his kill total up to 100, thus making the title make sense. After that, Daniel gives the gun to Lola, as an apology for his actions and ready to accept his fate. Lola doesn’t shoot him, but instead offers her hand to him to stand up. We are left to wonder what happens now, does Daniel and Strand stay and change the way that the water is distributed, or do they hit the road again? I don’t think we are going to find out this week as we are going to be following along with Madison and Troy on the recon mission.