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“Being an adult is messy and hard. It’s not all smiley face emojis wearing sunglasses.” – Mindy Lahiri

This week’s episode was, like being an adult, a little messy and hard. Danny remains in California with his dad, while Mindy takes on single motherhood, and I think that  I speak for everyone when I say that we felt the loss of Danny this week just as much as Mindy did.

Mindy continues to work and care for Leo, picking up the slack in Danny’s absence, and she’s having a hard time – she drops her groceries on the Subway, fails at building her son a playpen and juggles the demands of her job with her demands at home. Unwilling to confide in Danny, who is dealing with problems of his own, Mindy attempts to muddle through on her own, answering all his texts with the smiling, sunglasses emoji. However, when she finds out her fertility practice is in trouble, and may go under, she is forced to seek assistance from Jody, who suggests she pitch her egg-freezing program “Later, Baby” to college students.

Jody’s plan would be fantastic, if not for the fact that he’s a womanizer who has apparently slept with half the female population at NYU. When Mindy oversleeps and misses her pitch, Jody fills in for her. Unfortunately, his presentation is not well received, as many of his former paramours are in the audience. Thankfully, Mindy arrives just in time, and is able to save the program by giving a sincere speech about the difficulties she had in finding Mr. Right and the benefit of freezing one’s eggs while they search for “the one”. She wins the audience over, and comes to a truce with Jody at the same time.

In the end, having saved her practice, Mindy confides in Danny and the two are able to talk about her struggles over the phone.

Elsewhere, Peter returned to New York for a visit and worked to patch up his relationship with Jeremy. Their reconciliation set an example for Tamra and Collete, the latter who has apparently been playing pranks on Tamra, out of a desire to be friends.

Best one-liners:

Why isn’t it wearing sunglasses? Is everything okay? – Text message from Danny


No, no Leo! The drill is for Mommy! – Mindy

Why didn’t you get the flu shot? … You cannot get autism, you’re too old. – Mindy to Annette