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New Steven Universe is HERE.. but hasn’t aired yet

Source: Cartoon Network Steven Universe

Earlier this week Cartoon Network released 5 whole new episodes of Steven Universe on their app (you need to log in with your tv provider to view them).

Luckily, there are internet angels here to save you and the episodes have been uploaded in their entirety to Youtube and Dailymotion–we can’t link you to them, but we can urge you to go watch them now.

Source: Cartoon Network Steven Universe

HOWEVER–we urge you to watch the episode when it airs or to watch through Cartoon Network if you ca, as this will help the ratings and keep the show in production.

We promise not to spoil anything until after they officially air in their own Steven Bomb on Cartoon Network that will run Monday, January 30th- Thursday, February 2 (2 episodes will air on Monday–you’ll be glad they do it this way).


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