The present has two Flashes? What’s going on here, or is it there? Barry Allen asks for Jay Garrick’s help against Savitar and Alchemy. Photo Credit: The Flash/CW

After saving Earth 1 with a super team Barry Allen is back at Star Labs as Savitar and Alchemy still have to be dealt with. Savitar has been a real problem for Barry as Barry seems to be the only one fast enough to be able to see Savitar.

We start this week with a flash back, 4 years back in India, Julian was on an expedition to find an ancient artifact. He heard about Bermastra and decided he would use his savings to hire a team and find the box that released a spirit and is said to have the power to create meta’s. When the team is doing some digging they feel that the item looks like like Alchemy’s stone and the article about it was written by Julian. Barry goes back to his former lab to ask Julian some questions, he asks him what happened 4 years ago and that he did some digging and found the article. Julian tells the story and includes that 4 scientists died in the excavation and Julian left and created a cover up as he was the point person on the project. Barry asks Julian if he has heard the name Savitar, and Julian looks extremely startled by it, but says that Savitar is the name of the first speedster and is shocked Barry is familiar with the name.

Barry wants to enlist some help so he goes to Earth 3 to find Jay Garrick and ask what he might know about Savitar. Barry actually arrives just in time to stop their Trickster.


I have this same suit, it’s the bomb. Photo Credit: The Flash/CW

Jay is familiar with Savitar and is impressed that Barry is able to see him and says he might be the only person who can. Jay agrees to come back to Earth 1 to help stop them. On a small side bar, while off on his own Cisco swears that he seems his brother, who we know has passed away.

Increased activity has triggered that something is amiss and Barry and Jay head to stop the danger. Upon arrival they see Alchemy, whose plan is to use his powers and a breach to restore the powers of all the Meta’s from Flash Point to be servants of Savitar. Wally wants to join back at Star labs but is told he can’t. Savitar arrives and Barry asks Jay if he is able to see him this time and he is! He tells Barry that he will deal with Savitar and give Barry time to stop Alchemy. Savitar and Jay take off in a fight, Jay is getting his butt kicked, Barry and Alchemy square off and Barry is able to knock out Alchemy and put the stone back into the box which traps Savitar and stops him from killing Jay. Barry removes Alchemy’s mask to see it’s Julian.

They take Julian back to star labs and lock him in a cell. Flash asks him if he remembers becoming Alchemy, he denies it, he either doesn’t know or is great at lying. Flash ends up showing his face to him so he knows who he really is, Julian says he is shocked he didn’t see it sooner. Barry asks if Julian has been having blackouts or times of not remembering, to which Julian says he has. Barry believes that Savitar is controlling him when he is blacking out. The team believes that they can tap into his brain waves to contact Savitar.

Before the revelation, Cisco was investigating the box and was sure he was seeing his brother again, who said that if he opened the box he would live again. Cisco did, which brought back Savitar again. Savitar was destroying Flash until Wally went to throw a diversion. While that was happening Caitlin went to get Cisco to shut the box and saving his friends by capturing Savitar again which in turn makes Dante’s mirage vanish, which he does in the nick of time.

Julian agrees to let them tap into his brain waves and Savitar’s voice does come out. He says he knows all, and holds power of life and death over everyone. He says he knows the destiny from the future, one shall betray, one shall fall, and one will face something worse than death. He says that future Barry did this to him and trapped him in eternity. After some brainstorming Jay suggests they throw the box in the speed force for it to never be seen again. The plan is for Jay to hold the box and get a head start with Barry following and drafting to gain speed until the right moment that Barry can take the box and throw it into the speed force.


What’s that Flash? Ya I’m just hanging out. Photo Credit: The Flash/CW

The plan works but in the process Barry is kicked somewhere and maybe sometime besides in Star Labs. Flash sees his future self watching as Savitar has and kills Iris with a sword. Jay Garrick grabs current Flash and brings him back to the current timeline. Barry didn’t understand what he saw and Jay said that was the future, but something you are not supposed to see, and that is one potential path of the future. Every decision could change that path, Barry thinks he can just know when and where that is and make sure he doesn’t go that way which Jay says he can’t. He needs to try to forget about it and he should go enjoy friends and family this holiday.

Jay heads back to his Earth, at the Christmas gathering they give Wally a new suit and nickname him Kid Flash. Julian comes over with a gift for Barry, saying he didn’t want to be alone and offered his job back in the lab on the force. Which he accepts. Caitlin shows restraint with her powers, taking off her wrist stabilizer to change the rain to snow to be festive. Barry takes Iris somewhere for her gift, he put a down payment and signed a lease in both of their names for their own place. He says he doesn’t know what is going to happen in the future, but wants to spend every moment he can with her. Well that’s a lie but that’s how this mid season finale ends! What is Savitar’s next moves? Is Julian safe from Alchemy’s grasp or will someone else take on Alchemy? What new threats show up Only time will tell.