Source: FOX // New Girl

Episode Synopsis:

Schmidt enlists Nick’s help to earn his house contractor’s respect. Jess and Robby test their ability of being in a casual relationship. Winston and Cece discuss the pros and cons of not being single.

First of all, I’ve got to say that this episode FINALLY felt like something that had some substance and made the characters have some revelations about themselves.

Man of the people

I always love seeing episodes, where there is a storyline containing Schmidt and Nick. They have such a funny relationship because they’re polar opposites, which is why I loved them in this episode. We find out during this episode, that Schmidt is having problems getting the walls in his new house put up on time. And we see that Schmidt’s in with the contractor, is to act more like Nick, because he is a man of the people. It was great to see Nick shine for once, because he’s always looked at as an idiot. And to see Schmidt see the potential of acting like Nick, was awesome. Seeing that Nick likes to be laid back with other people and just talk casually. Also, it was funny when Schmidt started dressing like Nick because we really got deep into Nick’s character, in terms of his body language, and his posture in general. And after conversing with Mr. Jason, the contractor, and thinking that he ripped them off. The conclusion was nice because it really did have a strong message behind comedic situation. There is a class system in this world and we shouldn’t try to judge people too quckly.

Big misunderstanding

For the thousandth time, Robby is back. But I could actually tolerate him in this episode, which was a positive. And what I liked about this storyline, was that everyone realized that they don’t know a thing about Robby. So it was fun, and weirdly bizarre, to see that Robby is a pretty successful guy, for being such a klutz and somewhat of a loser. He creates factories for a living, has a boat, lives in a decently sized house, and the list goes on and on. But other than the fact that Robby’s life has finally come out into the open, I didn’t really realize until this episode, that him and Jess never made their relationship official. I mean, there was so much back and forth between them in previous episodes, that it seemed like it was pretty official, after Jess said she’d go on another date with him. So when they were doing the whole, “let’s be casual” about our relationship, and trying to date other people, I was actually happy because I thought they’d get irritated about their miscommunication and the fact that Jess knows nothing about Robby, and just call it quits. But no; they ended up confessing that they want to be official. Ugh! And now that they are FINALLY together, I’m interested to see how their relationship progresses. Will Jess continue to be wooed by Robby’s innocent charm, the constant singing and his weird successes? Or will she start to get bored later on and want someone a little bit more opposite of her personality, like a certain someone (wink wink).


Even though we didn’t get much from Winston and Cece in this episode. They did have some revelations of their own. The two came to the realization, that they don’t have to deal with any drama, and they’re comfortable with what their life has become. Winston finally has a job that he likes, and is with a girl that makes him happy for once, so that is definitely progression for him. And for Cece, she’s become more laid back, also has started a new job, and can just be busy supporting her friends journeys in life. I’m really happy for these two because I felt in the past, their lives were kind of all over the place, so now that they’re more settled down, we can progress their lives even more in a more linear manner.