After a lot of waiting and an insane amount of hype — did you see the Nascar Race renamed the Roseanne 300 or the almost constant commercials, including this great promo during the Oscars:

Roseanne – ABC

Almost all of the original cast will be present for the reboot episodes, including Dan [sources say the show ignores the final season and in this timeline Dan survived his heart attack], Darlene, Becky [played by original Lecy Goranson, with Sarah Chalke making a cameo as a new ancillary character], DJ, and Jackie.


Sadly, Mark will not be returning as actor Glenn Quinn passed in 2002 from an accidental heroin overdose, but we hope the reboot handles it gracefully. David will be returning, and while scheduling and contract conflicts with the Big Bang Theory limited Johnny Galecki’s involvement, you can read here how he hopes they get a second season and he can become more involved with the reboot.

New characters include Emma Keeney as Darlene’s daughter Harris Healey Conner. You will recognize Keeney as Debbie Gallagher from Showtime’s Shameless, which is a grittier kind of Roseanne thats grown from a more poverty stricken broken home than Roseanne’s working class relatability, but this casting feels full circle and we are behind her all the way. Also joinig the cast is Ames McNamara who is as fresh faced as Michael Fishman was when the orogonal series started, having only one episode of At Home With Amy Sedaris on his acting resume. The young actor will play Darlene’s youngest and be a little more divisive for audiences with his unique gender expression.

Roseanne – ABC

Roseanne will premiere with an hour-long special on Tuesday, March 27th 8:00-9:00 pm Est. Following weeks series will then air in its regular half hour timeslot at 8:00 pm, beginning Tuesday, April 3rd for a total of 9 episodes, but talks are in the works for a second reboot season!