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Welcome back to this week’s edition of our Sherlock rewatch! It’s not quite as emotionally traumatizing as last week’s, but there are still feels to be felt, as usual with this show.
Join me on this adventure…

Theory #1: Sherlock does indeed jump off the roof of the
hospital, only he’s attached to a bungee cable. After safely landing in the
building, Moriarty’s body is dropped in his place, disguised as Sherlock. (Also,
THE KISS!) On the street, John is hypnotised, giving Sherlock and Molly enough
time to disguise the body, and allow Sherlock to walk away untouched.

Anderson presents this theory to Lestrade one morning over coffee—two years since the events of “The Reichenbach Fall” (real-time for Sherlockians!)—and Lestrade denies it completely. (Hey, it could have happened; this is Sherlock we’re talking about here.)

Sherlock, very much alive, is traveling extensively to take down Moriarty’s network. He’s eventually tracked down by Mycroft, who asks him to return to London, which is threatened by an imminent terrorist attack.

John Watson is, understandably, still quite emotionally scarred (also moustached.) For the
first time in quite a while, he visits their old flat on Baker Street, and
reveals to Mrs. Hudson that he’s met someone whom he wishes to marry. Mrs.
Hudson, forever a Johnlock shipper, seems rather surprised when John indicates
that this “someone” is a woman. (There’s just no convincing this amazing

Thanks to Mycroft’s ‘sources’ (or maybe he’s just a stalker?), Sherlock discovers that John will be out to dinner that night. Sherlock decides to reveal himself to John at the
restaurant, and disguises himself as a French waiter to get to his table. The
disguise is quite effective, as John doesn’t recognize him. John begins to
propose to his girlfriend, Mary, but they are interrupted by Sherlock again,
and this time, John definitely recognizes him…and he’s very, very angry with him. The snarky remarks and fists start flying, and needless to say, they’re kicked out of the

The three end up in another restaurant, slightly worse for wear, and Sherlock tries to explain everything—the fake death and reasons behind it—but John is still really angry (for good reason; IT’S BEEN TWO YEARS!) Yet again, they’re kicked out of the restaurant, and the next restaurant. John and Mary leave, but Mary seems confident that John will come around and forgive Sherlock (or at least start speaking to him again.) It’s clear that John still cares
what Sherlock thinks though, since it’s not long before he shaves off the

Sherlock reintroduces himself to his circle of friends. Mrs. Hudson is thrilled, and Lestrade is speechless, requiring hugs.


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Theory #2: The body that jumps off the hospital roof is not
Sherlock’s, but actually a dummy with a Sherlock face taped to it. Sherlock
talks to John over the phone, hidden from sight with Moriarty. The two secretly
laugh at John’s reactions over the phone, and lean in towards each other for a
Before that ship gets an opportunity to sail, Anderson cuts off
this theory being presented by a member of his Sherlock fan club. Suddenly, the
news report on the television, and social media reveal that Sherlock Holmes
is, in fact, alive. #OMG

Back at the 221B flat, Sherlock asks Molly to join him in solving crimes. They spend the day together and investigate a case with Lestrade involving a skeleton at a desk with a
manuscript by Jack the Ripper. (Little bit random, or is it just me?) Sherlock
believes it to be fake, and his logical deductions aren’t to be argued with.
That evening, at the flat, a heartfelt moment is shared between him and Molly.
He sincerely thanks her for her help with the faked death, and kisses her on
the cheek before she leaves. (How far they’ve come since Episode 1…)

Meanwhile, Mary receives a text message about John. She realizes that it is in code, revealing that John is being held captive at a church, and will die if not rescued in time. She and
Sherlock rush to the church on a motorcycle (because they’re that badass…and
they needed the speed.) They rescue John from a bonfire, just in time. Things
are obviously still rough between them, but at least Sherlock and John are,
well, speaking to each other now…

The next day, John and Sherlock meet a client who works for the London Underground. This client has mysterious security video footage that shows a passenger literally disappear
between stops on the train. Upon analyzing the footage, Sherlock recognizes the
passenger as a man named Moran, member of Parliament who is also a foreign
agent recently up to no good. He also realizes that, in the footage, a whole carriage
of the train disappeared, not just a passenger. With the knowledge of the
client, they conclude that the missing carriage is located in an unfinished
underground station, below the houses of parliament—turns out, the underground
terrorist network is, in fact, an underground

John and Sherlock enter the abandoned station and find the carriage. It’s rigged with explosives, set to implode within minutes. John panics, especially when Sherlock says he can’t turn it off (even after searching through his Mind Palace.) This leads to John
apologizing to Sherlock, and revealing how much he missed him in the past two
years. The bomb ticks on, and the two brace for impact.

Theory #3: Sherlock and Mycroft needed to learn about Moriarty’s
global criminal network, so they allowed him to go about destroying Sherlock’s
reputation and feel as though he succeeded. There were 13 possible scenarios
for when they made it to the roof, and they had a plan for every single one.
With the help of the homeless network, a large air cushion is set up to break
Sherlock’s fall, and the well-timed cyclist ensures that John is dazed enough
to not see the cushion being carried away, and gives Sherlock enough time to
cover himself in fake blood and temporarily stop his pulse. Thanks to Molly,
his body is later switched with another—the body of the kidnapper from his last
case, who happens to bare a close resemblance to Sherlock; this also explains
why the young kidnapped girl was so terrified of Sherlock after being rescued.
reveals this all to Anderson, who questions certain aspects of it. Before he
can get the answers he seeks, however, Sherlock exits the building, leaving
Anderson laughing maniacally among his pages and photographs about the
mysterious detective.

Cut back to the explosive train carriage. Still braced for an explosion, John glances towards Sherlock who is now outright laughing. Turns out the bomb had an off switch, and
Sherlock just decided not to tell John about that little detail as John
confessed to all of his emotions about Sherlock. (Evil best friend, as always.)
Needless to say, John is just a bit upset. The police soon arrive on the scene,
and Moran is also caught and arrested.

Sherlock, John, Mrs. Hudson, and Lestrade debrief at Baker Street later on. Molly also arrives with her new boyfriend, who is shockingly similar in appearance to Sherlock. (Of course,
nobody mentions this to her.) On their way out the door, Sherlock and John both
question why John was kidnapped earlier, and who it was that kidnapped him.
Neither of them know, which is a rare occurrence. They exit the flat to greet
the press waiting outside. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Sherlock Holmes is back.

See you all next week, my dear Sherlockians. It’s about time for a wedding…