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Once Upon a Time “Dark Waters”

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Okay so yes I am a nerd and my brain currently associates this title with Doctor Who. Let’s see if Jasmine, Aladdin, Killian and the rest of the gang can change that!!

  • Previously: Emma had a vision. And tells her family. Aladdin cuts away his destiny. And Emma decides that isn’t going to happen to her.
  • Ooooo Past!Hook
  • Hook, swinging down onto the deck was totally unnecessary and absolutely you
  • Ah yes. A stowaway. What does he want?
  • Probably not worth it. But fun
  • Narwhal? Or possibly a submarine
  • “Saving your life!” -pushes him into the water-
  • The Nautilus?
  • Killian, you should have got rid of those shears
  • Sassy Regina!
  • The Evil Queen’s outfit is gorgeous
  • Oh Zelena… siding with the Evil Queen is not going to help
  • Awww! They let Jiminy out!
  • Go Regina!!
  • What has happened to Agrabah?
  • Aladdin, I’m pretty sure it does matter. At least to Jasmine
  • Green Hook? Really?
  • “You can show me how to operate the helm of you… video… box… whatever it’s called…”
  • Okay as much as I love Regina, the Evil Queen is amazing. Awful and evil and manipulative….. but amazing
  • Aaaaaand Henry has found the shears
  • Of course Killian cares about them!!
  • Really, Australian Aladdin? Stealing again?
  • Okay yes, I get that it’s because of the actor and he’s a good actor. But it’s just pulling me out of the story because it doesn’t make sense
  • Game controllers are not designed for those with hooks for hands
  • And Killian has discovered the shears are gone
  • Hook you are on a submarine
  • Nemo’s job is to give people family?
  • You do need a family, Hook
  • The Nautilus is in Storybrooke???
  • This isn’t going to go well
  • David’s found a new guy. Ooooo
  • Wow. Great advice, Snow
  • HENRY!
  • What’s Nemo after?
  • KRAKEN!!
  • Oooo harpoon to the eye!
  • Evil Queen, what is with that accent?
  • Wait Gold wants the shears for Belle? That’s a terrible plan!
  • Emma and Aladdin have a heart to heart about being the Saviour
  • Finding out what happened to Agrabah might help
  • Killian confides in Henry about his father’s other Liam
  • Oooooo a key
  • This mysterious island… is it the Land of Untold Stories?
  • Don’t do it, Hook
  • Wait the first mate is Hook’s brother????
  • Nawww Killian!!
  • Ah, Liam.2 we meet again
  • Nemo is not going to be able to stop Liam trying to kill Hook
  • So that’s why Killian is so afraid! Because Liam.2 is in charge of the Nautilus!
  • Oh course the Land of Untold Stories was the Mysterious Island
  • Henry!!
  • XD Henry’s “Well that worked” face
  • Awwww! They are totes family
  • And they get rid of the shears together!! I love it
  • I’m glad Aladdin goes back to Jasmine and wants to help. Even if he is too late
  • I really do love Belle
  • Naw Killian sits at Liam’s bedside. Is it wrong I like this Liam better?
  • Nemo was the guy they found?? AWWWW
  • “Your kid brother has a submarine?”
  • And so the Evil Queen goes back to Gold…
  • Of course Belle turns up once the Evil Queen snogs Gold
  • The Queen’s got the shears. Damn. Damn damn damn.
  • Because the whole “Snow White’s heart” thing went SO well last time…

While the storyline with the Charmings is starting to wear a little thin with me, Once is still absolutely on point with the episodic storytelling. I absolutely LOVED what happened between Hook, Liam.2 and Captain Nemo. And the way they did link in with Hook’s relationship with Henry. I did yell out loud when Henry told Killian that he wasn’t part of the family!

Gold ending up with the shears annoyed me. They get rid of them and then straight away they’re back again, like yay for Killian and Henry agreeing, but other than that, it made absolutely no difference.

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