Carol isn’t the only one who has no idea what is going on. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

As expected with any major season opener, with such a dramatic turn of event, people are not watching the following episode live. They could be boycotting, or busy, or quite simply not prepared to watch the episode as it happens with the major twists of last week. The show had a 5 million viewer drop off from week 1 to week 2, but the viewer numbers still shatters other shows.

So if you were one of the 5 million who missed this episode, what did you really miss? Well you didn’t miss action I can tell you that, but you did miss A TIGER!


What does a king need in an Apocalypse? A tiger of course. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

We pick up seeing what happens after the Kingdom members find Carol and Morgan? They started making the way back to the Kingdom when they have walkers come at them from all sides. Luckily some of the Kingdom members on horseback see them and come galloping in to help dispatch of the walker numbers and save the group. Scarily enough for all of our love of Carol, she seemed to be completely delusional as she saw the walkers as regular human form before they got their heads bashed in.
At the Kingdom, Ezekiel is playing the King of the Kingdom with his tiger Shiva. People are pretty delusional about what is happening around them. When Carol gets to meet them, she plays one of her “Susie home maker” personalities and playing an act. She is able to tell that they are living in a fantasy world and she wants no part of dealing with them and wants to take off on her own like her original plan all along. She starts to steal some clothes and items in preparation for her escape.

Ezekiel and some of his fighters, along with Morgan head off on a mission by themselves to find pigs that have ventured off into the city. They used walkers as bait for the pigs to get them back in protection. Once they were able to get all the pigs rounded up, a couple of the group took them to a different location while the rest of the group headed home. Off camera we don’t see the pigs getting gutted and ready for a meal. The group with Morgan go to a remote location and are awaiting visitors, sure enough this group is also involved with the Saviors and have to give pigs to them as this weeks offering, one of them try to tell Morgan who the Saviors are but he is fully aware of who they are. The Kingdom is slyly trying to get the Saviors sick by feeding the pigs walkers before the offering. The Saviors tell Ezekiel that next week is produce week, which explains why the Kingdom has a lot of crops inside the walls. Ezekiel wants to keep Morgan around because he trusts him and knows he can handle himself around the Saviors if needed.

Morgan wants to get Carol back to Alexandria, but Carol still wants to venture off on her own. As Carol warned she tried to make her escape when nobody was paying attention, though Ezekiel and his bodyguard happened to be around when she was trying to escape. Ezekiel dismisses his bodyguard for awhile to talk to Carol, they get to have a heart to heart talk and Ezekiel shows that yes it is all an act, and he was in theater and he was a zoo keeper with Shiva. He says basically he knows that he has to fake it till he makes it. He says he knows that she is also acting and he will help her find a place to stay but he will send someone he trusts to escort her. Morgan escorts Carol to a house that is fenced in and she sets herself in to be her new place. After an undisclosed amount of time Ezekiel and Shiva go to visit Carol and knocks on the door.