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Barry has a dilemma. Taylor wants in on the hit of the Bolivians, but of course, he doesn’t want him to help. Not only that, but Sally is still wanting him to stay away, saying that Barry has some “Male Toxicity” he needs to take care of before they can press the reset button. However, that’s going to be a little hard with him, Sally, and Natalie all doing a scene from Macbeth together.

Also at class, Detective Moss comes and shows the class the picture of the man who killed the Chechens. Of course, no one can recognize him, but she ends up talking to Barry, Eric,  and Jermaine because they are all the tallest. When talking to Barry he gives her an alibi which she checks on and each of the phone numbers she was given goes to a phone that Fuches has. The alibi checks out, so Barry is free to go.

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Pazar, Fuches, Noho Hank, and Barry all discuss the police image and the possibility of canceling the raid on the Bolivians. Noho Hank is scared that if they cancel the raid that Pazar will kill him for taking the lipstick cam to the hit.

Trying to get out of the raid, Barry tells Fuches about Taylor. Fuches solution is to let Taylor help Barry, but then Barry kills Taylor at the end. Barry reluctantly agrees after some arguing.

During the scene, Barry gets defensive when the class that killers are stained forever and that they are all psychos. Eventually, Barry gets so angry that he loses it and asks ““I’ve killed people. I should just go blow my brains out?” Cousineau thanks Barry for his service but tells the class, “If you kill outside of war, you’re a f*cking psycho. Then you’re irredeemable.”

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Later, the class feels bad for forgetting that Barry was in the military and that they said all those things about people killing people. Sally tries to defend themselves saying that he’s the one that needs to apologize, but the whole group defends Barry and calls her out for hooking up with the guy that Natalie wanted to.

Barry and Taylor successfully raid the stash house and take out everyone inside. When Taylor is preoccupied, Barry points his gun at him. However, he doesn’t go through with it and when he meets up with Fuches to tell him how it went, Taylor comes up and sits with them.

This episode was really good. The action at the end was great. Taylor and Barry were able to go in there and take care of business. Towards the end of the raid, Barry gets knocked out so Taylor ends up killing the majority of the people inside, which makes him happier than it should. The entire raid scene was pretty intense so it was a lot of fun to see the action.

Photo Source: Barry, HBO

I also really liked that Barry didn’t kill Taylor. It shows that Barry isn’t a monster and it will also be another obstacle that Barry and Fuches have to work around. It should be a lot of fun to watch especially considering that Taylor doesn’t seem to have a lot of depth to him.

Sally, of course, is still annoying me, but I was happy to see the rest of the class call her out. I understand where she is coming from though. Her career isn’t where she wants it right now and that’s never an easy thing to come to terms with, but that doesn’t mean you can be an asshole to everyone.

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