Its hard to believe that there are only a few episodes left of season one of The Flash! It seems to me like it was only a few weeks ago that we first heard those iconic opening credits! But its time to start thinking about how the writers are planning on ending this season. So, here are my top three predictions concerning the next few adventures of the beloved scarlet speedster:

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Alright, if you’re familiar with The Flash comics, you’ve probably been grinning at this Easter egg for quite a while. The show’s writers have been “subtly” alluding to Grodd since the very first episode, and while Wells hasn’t really elaborated on his existence, his flashbacks speak volumes. Thus far, we can know that Grodd was once the subject of some sort of experiment likely overseen by Dr.Wells himself, which resulted in Grodd having human intellect. He also seems to live in the sewers of Central City and occasionally maul some humans. No big deal.


Grodd needs to be dealt with before this season wraps up, I’m expecting Grodd’s grand debut to provide a lot more information surrounding his origin. Since, once upon a time, Wells fought for Grodd’s welfare, Grodd might make the perfect henchman to Dr.Wells…like, for example…if Wells wanted a certain speedster out of the way…an epic battle may ensue…and to that I say…

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2. Confrontation
It seems to me that everybody has a different idea about how Wells will finally come out about who he really is; some theories floating around say Wells already knows that the team is suspicious, others say all this tension is lost on Wells’ part. Despite some pretty conclusive proof, I think that Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco admire Wells too much to think badly of him. The truth is, the four of them are a team, with a strong bond. Moreover, Barry, Caitlin and Cisco, are each honest and optimistic, I’m sure that when they’re on the verge of believing that Wells is malevolent, they will ask him about it. Dr.Wells, being the straightforward guy he is, won’t deny them the truth. Definitely, this confrontation scene will end in an epic face-off between the Flash and the Reverse Flash.

3. The Cliffhanger
You know when a season ends on a cliffhanger, making you “feel the feels” and almost die from an overdose of suspense while you wait months for the second season?…Expect this season to end like that. It’s clear that the writers over at the CW love to leave us Flash fans guessing, what with all the unanswered questions and all the Tuesdays where we went to bed without getting our dose of metahuman action. I’m predicting, though, that they saved the best for last; let’s not forget that we still need to relive Nora Allen’s death (OR MAYBE NOT). I’m predicting that we’ll get some answers regarding that famous night, but that we’ll have to wait for season two before we hear the story in full.

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