“The Gifted” delivers a strong episode that easily blows the previous two episode out of the water.

“Threat of eXtinction” is, in my opinion, the best episode so far. Right away we are taken back to 1952 seeing two very powerful mutants before returning to present time.  We get some great and well handle subplots in this episode that make same wish it was long by another hour. We see Reed reuniting with his estranged father and the mutant underground dealing with a spy.

The Reed subplot with his father was great. I was originally worried that it was going to be just filler. However, we are treated to some great acting writing here. We learn several twists and reveals here that didn’t feel forced at all. The reason for why his father was so distant was creative and having Reed be a mutant at one point in his life himself adds another layer to both the character and the show. Here we are given some foreshadowing of his kids true potential with their powers.  The ending and seeing Reed’s father using his powers was great and we felt that weight behind his death.

The second subplot of the mutant underground trying to get information out of the spy. We finally find out that the mutants are hooked on some drug that enhances the powers. The mutants are not brainwashed as originally thought but simply trying to avoid withdraw. This is was an interesting and bold move on the writer’s side.  The mutant grounding now knowing that those working with Dr.Campbell are just hooked on the drug which makes them that much harder to fight.

Overall this was a great episode which has me excited to see what happens next. Also if anyone notices its implied that Campbell was burned severely by Reed’s father as he escaped. I wonder if we will see the results of his injuries from this episode.

The Gifted” airs Mondays at 9PM on Fox.