Another week with no Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – but that’s okay, because we have other things to talk about!

The race Inhumans were introduced to the MCU in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. years ago, and a movie said to focus on the famous Inhuman Royal Family was set to release in 2019 before being pushed off the slate. However, over the past week, they have announced that it is not gone forever: In fact, it is getting a IMAX special this upcoming Labor Day, and the special will serve as the two part premiere of an 8-episode movie-budget TV series!

Inhumans are an ancient race of genetically modified humans with Kree alien DNA, who can activate their seemingly random abilities by inhaling mist excreted from a Terrigen Crystal, a process known as Terrigenesis. The Royal Family themselves are the team that come to mind when a comic fan hears “Inhumans”. Much like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Afterlife, the royal city of Attilan (originally situated on the moon) selectively chooses who undergoes Terrigenesis, strictly enforced by the Genetics Council.

Since the great characters, twisted history and great stories of the Inhuman Royal Family give the series The Inhumans potential to become Marvel’s super-powered Game of Thrones, lets take a look at the most likely characters to appear.

King Blackagar Boltagon

King Blackagar (or “Black Bolt”) is one of the coolest Marvel characters, and one of the biggest Silver Age heroes that Marvel owns and hasn’t used in a movie yet. Blackagar silently rules the Inhuman royal city of Attilan, as his voice is so powerful that he can shatter mountains and crumble cities. Currently the character is part of the Illuminati, a powerful hero group made of the smartest people of the Marvel Universe. Vin Diesel has heavily hinted that he was set to play Black Bolt, but will he do a TV series?

Queen Medusalith Amaquelin-Boltagon

Black Bolt’s noble Queen Medusa rules at his side, serving as the public face of the Inhumans and acting as a spokesperson and translator for her mute husband. With a long comic history including joining the Illuminati, the Fantastic Four and currently the A-Force, Medusa is a badass known for having total control over her long, prehensile red hair. She secretly visits Prince Ahura, her hidden sociopath son with Blackagar, who was born in defiance of the Genetics Council and is locked away in secret.

Prince Maximus Boltagon

Black Bolt’s brilliant but crazed younger brother Maximus the Mad has long tried to usurp the throne. Between his obsession with his sister-in-law Medusa and his Inhuman ability to control minds, Maximus is a dangerous ever-present foe for the Inhumans. Though his misdeeds are well-known and his relationship with his brother is strained, he still gets along well with most of the Royal Family and is generally accepted in the community. He currently serves on the Cabal, which is the villainous counterpart to the Illuminati.

Lady Crystalia Amaquelin

Medusa’s younger sister Crystal is a long-standing fan favorite, and rightfully so. The first Inhuman ever introduced with an astonishing history of being the fifth member of the Fantastic Four and joining the Avengers, as well as romantic ties to Ronan the Accuser and The Human Torch, Crystal has made her way around the Marvel Universe. Crystal has the ability to master the elements of fire, water, earth and air and is usually seen with her pet Lockjaw – a lovable five-foot-tall teleporting bulldog than can devour any matter in the universe. While her daughter Luna may debut, I have the sneaking suspicion that her husband Pietro Maximoff – better known as Quicksilver – will not appear in the series; though they did meet when she nursed him back to health after he was presumed dead.

Lord Triton Mander-Azur

Triton shares an interesting link with the King and Queen: His dad is the Black Bolt’s maternal uncle and his mom is the Medusa’s maternal aunt, making them both his cousins from different sides. Triton is the scout of the Inhuman Royal Guard, and has aided many superhero teams in their journeys, becoming close friends with Prince Namor of Atlantis. After undergoing Terrigenesis Triton acquired super-soldier abilities surpassing Captain America’s, but also gained a scaled reptilian body that forced him to live in the water, only surfacing for short periods of time using a breathing apparatus designed by Maximus.

Lord Gorgon Petragon

Gorgon is the paternal cousin of Black Bolt and Maximus, and serves as the King’s bodyguard and trusted advisor, helping to hide Prince Ahura. Gorgon has the legs of a bull, and can create powerful shockwaves by stomping his hooves. His great comic moments include battling Magneto and the Mandarin, and freeing Maximus after the King imprisoned him, proving himself to be a free-thinker. After undergoing Terrigenesis a second time, Gorgon became monstrous before eventually being shot and paralyzed.

Magister Karnak Mander-Azur

Cousins to Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal and Maximus and the younger brother of Triton, Karnak the Shatterer is the only member of the Inhuman Royal Family who did not undergo Terrigenesis. After his brother Triton’s transformation left him unable to live on land with his family, they begged the Genetics Council to forgo Terrigenesis for their second son. As a result, Karnak has spent his life honing his natural abilities, achieving peak human skill in strength, flexibility, dexterity, agility, endurance and speed. Long serving as Black Bolt’s most trusted advisor, Karnak has recently left Attilan and followed his father’s footsteps, becoming the Magister of a monastery known as the Temple of Wisdom.