Before The Flash took a 2-week vacation from our screens, writers finally revealed Zoom as former ally Jay Garrick. The significance behind this reveal is still open to speculation, but this week’s episode got Team Flash up to speed on what the audience already knows.

The action begins with a hilarious suggestion by Cisco to go clubbing to take Zoom’s threat off their minds. The result is pretty great; Cisco busts dance moves like your embarrassing uncle, and Barry admits to having chosen the club based on Yelp ratings.

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Their night of revelry is interrupted when a mass robbery by a lady-speedster erupts in the club. As it is later revealed, her name is Trajectory, a brilliant scientist with a Jekyll-and-Hyde-esque personality disorder. Having reverse-engineered Velocity 9 from data sent to her by Caitlin (for research purposes), Eliza Harmon’s alter ego has become addicted to shooting up and wreaking havoc on Central City. She is, essentially, evil for evil’s sake, and this makes her a comprehensible villain just complex enough to be interesting, but simple enough to allow the audience to focus on other plot lines.


Iris, for one, has her own subplotline wherein she accidentally(?) develops a crush on her boss, Scott Evans. This story seemed random and weird, and I was personally surprised that the writers took such a cliché path by having the head of the city’s newspaper opposing the hero, while a single journalist (Iris) fights to clear the hero’s name. Very original.

In yet another subplot, Jessie realizes the lengths to which her father will go to protect her; and she’s mad about it. Murder, she feels, is crossing the line. Although this is a strange decision to make, it can be attributed to Jessie’s emotional instability; she is an unreasonable teenager, after all. Jessie decides to rebel and hops on a bus out of Central City, she’s gone for now, hopefully she’ll return when she comes to her senses (or becomes a Metahuman, known as Jessie Quick).

Overall, the episode was great; it was refreshing to see a plot that’s not Zoom-centric, and Trajectory was the perfect villain to introduce at this point in the season, her drug problem allowing Team Flash to realize Zoom’s identity. Although. a more creative plotline should have been assigned to Iris.

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