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Brooklyn Nine-Nine “The Night Shift” (Part One of B99/NG Crossover)

Source: Brooklyn Nine Nine // Fox Network

The Nine-Nine is not adjusting well to the night shift.

Terry’s gotten night sassy, Amy’s not even enjoying paperwork, Rosa is taking secret trips out, and Boyle’s missing time with Nikolaj. The only person who’s enjoying it is Gina, who’s using this time to take over Australian Twitter. Holt has taken it upon himself to help the crew cheer up, and Jake is just psyched to be back at work. Too bad no one is feeling the same fervor as he is, but ever the loyal friend, Boyle backs him up anyway and The Night Boys (as they named themselves) look for a case. They luck out on a robbery case and Jake is determined to solve it by the end of the night. None of the A-Team works overnight anywhere, though, and they can’t run prints or get records without it taking forever. Even All Night Long, The Night Boys’ theme song starts to get old after a while. Daylight comes before the work is done and Boyle heads home. Jake wants to keep working and sort of resents the fact that Boyle wants to stay home with Nikolaj. He attempts to go after the criminal by himself–a feat that’s not easy when you’re still supposed to be on bedrest recovering from a gunshot wound. While chasing after his perp, Jake runs into a feisty young woman named Jessica Day in a Subaru Crossover. (!!!) He jumps in the car with her and they bicker the entire time–until they run into a newspaper dispenser–and that’s it for New Girl crossover time on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (lame, huh?) Don’t worry, more crossover goodness happens on New Girl.

Moving on, Jake realizes he needs to adjust to his new life and be happy for his best friend who finally got the son he always wanted. So Jake let the case go (“It’s the day shift’s problem now”) and went over to Boyle’s to get to know Nikolaj. This is a huge step for Jake–he is often unable to see past his workaholic tendencies and focus on real life.

In B-plot land, after a little prodding, Rosa admits to Amy that she’s been sneaking out to the park to wait for Adrian, who should’ve been back by now. Figgis is gone, so there’s no reason for him to hide anymore. As Amy points out, is it possible that he died? Or he’s back undercover somehow? I don’t know…all I do know is that it broke my heart to watch Rosa cry.

Source: Brooklyn Nine Nine // Fox Network

Cold Open: The Nine Nine forcibly removes Jake’s frosted tips. He was against it until Charles showed up with frosted tips too. “You know what? I do see it now; it looks bad.”

Funny Cop of the Week: Captain Holt, for sure. Between his curdmudgeon joke and after-work “hang”, his attempts to lighten the 99’s mood made for plenty of laughs. Andre Braugher was at his best.

The real best crossover moment of the week: “Everything’s off…oh no! We’re in the upside down!” – Jake

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