Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 4 “The Haunted Ring”

Nancy invites Bess to stay with her since her van is tore up from the storm. As they were packing Bess’s stuff, Ryan’s wife Tiffany’s missing ring falls out into the open. Nancy picks it up before Bess notices it. For some strange reason, the first night Bess is there, the porch light, lamp, microwave and TV blow. It seems the hot headline is that Tiffany died of natural causes. No one is really buying it but George, Bess and Nick are all for just accepting it. Nancy, not so much.


Laura, Tiffany’s sister is in town. Chief McGinnis wants Ace to follow/cozy up to Laura to see what she knows about her sister’s death. Nancy starts digging into Bess. She finds out that Bess isn’t who she claims to be. Ryan wants to get his grubby hands on Tiffany’s money as soon as possible. Unfortunately Nancy’s dad is going to have to navigate that.

Bess is attacked in the freezer at work. She says it’s a spirit and George, Bess and Nancy believe it to be Tiffany’s ghost. George gets her mother. George’s mother tell them how to help Tiffany find peace in death. George is the one that is going to do it. Nancy is going to be the look out. Nancy also finds out that the autopsy is a complete sham. Tiffany’s funeral was quite the event.

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George made a half-assed apology when she put the ring back on Tiffany’s finger. At Tiffany’s graveside George makes a much more heartfelt apology. All the while mist fills her bag unbeknownst to George. Nancy finally tells her dad why she is so angry at him.

Who is Bess? What is with the mist in George’s bag? What is going on in the little town of Horseshoe Bay? Did the original books take place in Horseshoe Bay? I will answer that last question next week. Do you have any questions about the books? Let me know in the comments below and I will get back to you. Til next week…


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