Fear the Walking Dead’s Season Finale had a number of characters crossing the line. The two hour finale wasn’t exactly streamlined, almost like two single episodes that happened to be back to back, but I do have to say that I had an enjoyable time. Some episodes feel like work, and you just sit there looking at the clock for closing time, or in this case time to go to sleep. However these two hours didn’t feel that way, especially the second hour.

We get rocking with all the people who wandered to the hotel not named Travis, staying in a parking garage, which sort of seems like a bad idea, but I digress. Elena, Alicia and others are checking up on everyone, seeing about medical attention and fixing problems. Madison comes down to check on things and two California boys are getting a bit unruly so Madison goes to check on them, ask them some questions, she comes to realize the story sounds familiar and the names they gave match up exactly to what Travis was telling her. So Madison, being as smooth as sandpaper says they need to go inside to get the medical attention they need as she tries to usher them out so Travis doesn’t find them. Everyone else that has been waiting for a checkup and to be let inside understandably gets upset, especially as the two loudmouths get let inside so they all start following the group in an angry mob type way.

Travis who has been upstairs in a funk hears all the loud noise, which in the protected place they have is an uncommon event so he goes to the window to investigate and sees Madison and the two California boys he instantly recognizes. He heads down to ask what happened to Chris, while Madison is trying to usher the boys away saying it’s OK. The boys get into the restaurant room, I’m not exactly sure, the boy with the separated shoulder gets it set back into place. Travis of course starts asking questions, while he is ushering everyone out the door they are going to give the boys time to rest. The boys however aren’t able to get the stories straight and Travis notices something and locks everyone out, they both said that Chris is dead but the order of events is wrong. He ends up causing Oscar, I think, whose Oscar again, to be eventual collateral damage as he gets into a fight and beats them to a pulp, he gets them close to the finished point and he gets a straight answer out of them. Chris was driving, must have fallen asleep, rolled the truck with them in the back, Chris leg was badly messed up and would be a liability so they shot him in the head. After getting his answer he kills them both. It’s hard to tell if this is Travis going through and killing them knowing he should have done the same to Chris who was lost, or if it is just a fathers revenge. In either way Travis is going to be a changed man going forward.

For those who were initially skeptical and hold thoughts that perhaps Chris was still alive, it was confirmed in the Talking Dead and after that fact that Chris did in fact pass away, which as some of you already know, the actor has already landed a role on Agents of Shield.


I hope it hurt before you got shot in the face. Photo Credit: Fear The Walking Dead/AMC


Breaking the no violence rule, Travis obviously has to be punished, or banished, or both. Madison, being of the do as I say not as I do, most hypocrite person I know, tries to defend why Travis did it and it’s OK that he broke the rule she set, because of course it is in her eyes. The rest of the people of the hotel, and even Travis himself knows that is not right and he needs to leave, but Madison somehow is able to make a deal where her and Alicia will leave with Travis as long as they all get one more night to stay and they will leave in the morning. During this the group tries to save Oscar and it was all wrong and he perished, which caused people to get upset that Travis lives and Oscar died. So the mob goes up to the hotel room to exact revenge on Travis, this causes all sorts of mayhem and during the scuffle Alicia reacts and ends up stabbing one of them in the chest, causing his death, and all sorts of panic. Madison, Travis and a shell shocked Alicia are able to escape, Strand is there too to see them off. He doesn’t agree with dying for others and he doesn’t seem to see eye to eye with Travis still so he stays behind, to create a diversion or to save his own hide we won’t know for awhile. As one last, eff you to the colony, Travis barrels through the locked gate in their escape, thus allowing all the people in the parking garage and walkers to come in freely and mess things up.

With being out in the open what is it they do? Go look for clues on the whereabouts of Nick, because, I just need to stop right here for a second, Madison is so hung up on Nick it’s actually quite disturbing. It all comes back to him, and what he is doing, you have Alicia who is amazing, who also just killed her first living human, Travis who lost his son and killed two people, but you drive to a warehouse that was filled with bandits last time you knew. Give me a break lady, I digress, they found some identification of the deceased family that she saw being interrogated when she was there last, and they happened to be staying where the information on the ID listed. More on that in a bit.

We will cover Ofelia briefly as we transition to the other major concurrent story. As we know Ofelia was off on her own heading back to America, we see that the truck seems to have over heated and she is trying to get that under control, the walkers end up right on her and she has to abandon the truck and keep walking along the fence looking for an easy way into America. She eventually finds a breach in the fence and heads into the United States side, I myself was telling the screen be careful that looked a little to easy. Sure enough after a short while she has gunfire towards her, she literally had a knife to a gun fight and had to give up. The guy who had her is a known actor from Sons of Anarchy, it was hard to see his clothing but it looked like some sort of militia perhaps?

With the colony, as we know Alejandro lied and got bit by a junkie and not a walker, and he is fading fast, some of the group doesn’t want to leave until he does or leave him behind, but Nick is able to convince him to give a riveting speech about leaving for the helicopter area that Nick saw in America and that it would better suited for them as a refuge camp as the bandits know where they live and will be heading over to kill them. So Nick and the rest of the colony head off on foot to the border, while Alejandro stays behind, the bandits come and sets up an epic encounter.


Source: The Simpsons // FOX

But instead it’s anti-climatic, the colonists are gone, nobody is around, they think they won and start spraying bullets in the air, Alejandro limps to the bus, pulls forward and lets all the walkers through, we see later when Madison and company show up that all the bandits are now walkers. Madison of course has to stop and start looking in all the faces to see if any is Nick instead of RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

We end the night seeing Nick, and Luciana and the colony walking the streets. They get close to the border and Nick sees the helicopter again and gets his bearings straight. Nick crosses the border gets his binoculars out and locates the helicopter again, hands them to show others, when all of a sudden pop pop pop, gunshots everywhere! Militia looking guys start converging on the border, they hit Luciana in the shoulder, people are running every which way, Nick has someone towering over him that appears to be in the same gear of the man who captured Ofelia.

That concludes season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, first half of the season was a real struggle, second half of the season was pretty good especially these last couple episodes. I am anxious to see what happens next season.