Finally, we have reached the finale of Mr. Robot. For the majority of the season we were kept in the dark about most everything. I spent most episodes wondering what was real and what was in Elliot’s twisted imagination. We learned prior to the start of the season that we would be getting a Season 3, so I was sure that we wouldn’t get all of the answers. And in true Mr. Robot fashion, the second season wrapped with some answers and even more questions.

First we learned that Darlene survived the Dark Army attack at the diner, while Cisco was killed, and it is through her meeting with Dom that we learn that Dom and the FBI knows (and has known for some time) that Elliot was the true mastermind behind the 5/9 hacks.

Elsewhere Joanna learned that it was not Tyrell that had been contacting her all season, but instead, Scott from Evil Corp. Yet I’m left wondering, why were they stringing us along the entire time?

Finally, Elliot. Our favorite hacker spent the episode with his long-lost friend Tyrell. We’re not sure where Tyrell has been, but we do know why he’s back. He has returned to implement the so-called Phase 2 of the hack. This, we learn, is the detonation of a bomb at E-Corp headquarters. Although he is the brains behind the hacks, Elliot seems to have forgotten Phase 2. And when  Tyrell pushes him to implement it, he freaks out and refuses. Which leads to the climax of the episode – as Tyrell shoots Elliot in the stomach. It seems that Elliot set up a failsafe to ensure even he himself couldn’t stop the plan.

Elliot is alive, of course, as we learn though a phone call between Angela and Tyrell (they were all in this together???). But the rest of the story is left to our imagination… or to be explained in Season 3.