The adaptation of Golden Wind just keeps topping itself in terms of quality. It does help that there are no more filler fights remaining and the narrative has arrived at the reveal of “The Boss.”

Bruno and the gang had retrieved the disk last episode and use it to get their final instructions from the boss. These instructions are to go to a specific tower and bring Trish to the top of it. Giorno volunteers, hoping to be able to get information on the boss’s identity but Bruno as the leader decides he must be the one to take her. Giorno does give Bruno a brooch that can be placed on the boss so they can track him. Trish and Bruno have a moment as they prepare to enter the elevator, Bruno re-assuring her as she worries about meeting her father for the first time.


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The final member of the group’s backstory is given then, that of Bruno’s upbringing. Here Bruno’s hatred for drugs is explained as his father was shot and hospitalized for being a witness to a drug deal. This desire to protect his father was also what drove Bruno into the gang in the first place. While Bruno’s backstory was cut short a little bit that forgivable in the medium changes.


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The real cherry on top though is the final third of the episode. The Boss cuts Trish off from the hand that was holding Bruno’s and takes her. Bruno now realizes that the boss wanted Trish so that he could kill her himself. Taking action into his own hands Bruno follows the boss down into the building’s basement where he hopes to ambush him. The boss though already knows and begins to mercilessly beat Bruno before finally revealing his stand, King Crimson, and punching a hole straight through Bruno’s chest.


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The art direction in this last third is phenomenal. The use of shadow to hide the boss, adding the suit he had been wearing in all the previews, making his eyes green like Trish’s. There is a immense horror vib that pervades the entire sequence that was not present in the manga. The sound design continues to be amazing as well, as Bruno is punched, David Productions even added the sound of his spine and ribs breaking from the force of King Crimson.


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Just don’t think too much about the actual functioning of King Crimson’s ability. In the words of Araki himself “it just works.”