After an extremely tough episode last week, Morgan and Grace are back at the dam. Grace is understandably sheltering alone in place, currently in the church, while Morgan is hurting a lot. Morgan won’t let June come in to see Grace because she is doing it for herself not for Grace. He goes on that she did the one thing that John didn’t want, and that’s why she wasn’t there when they needed her. If they didn’t have to go to June to the church she is building this might not have happened. June leaves and goes to the oil field to look for some clues on who is doing all the damage, she has a momentary pause and thinks about reading the letter that John left her. Dwight shows up, he saw what happened at the gate and wanted to check up on June, Sherry who was at the dam decided to tag along as well. June thinks she needs to go find one of Virginia’s lieutenants, she notices something and asks if Dwight brought someone else and this person starts shooting a them, and has them pinned them down, June wants this person alive. Sherry shoots at him, walker approach, so Dwight and Sherry go for the walkers as June tries to track down the stranger.

June heads up the hill and comes up on a RV on the road, she uses her jacket to break in from the window and heads inside. On a tack board is a lot of older articles about Teddy. The stranger comes into the room and asks who she is and if she is one of them. She says she is not apart of that group, she looks at the map that has pinpoints of where all the sayings are located and tells him he missed one, at the orchard. He demands that she take him to the orchard, Teddy’s childhood home, and if she is lying he will kill her. The man keeps referring to her as sweetheart and she finally has had enough and crashes the RV and pulls a pistol on the man. The man wants to know where she got the gun, the JD on the gun is because it’s his gun, his name is John Dorie.

Sherry is running the horses to 150% and Dwight doesn’t exactly know why. When they hit a stopping point Sherry wants to know why he is out there, he says that if it wasn’t for John and June he would be dead. He said that seeing them together gave him hope that he could find her(Sherry) again. Sherry won’t say why she is out here and gets on the horse and takes off.

Back at the RV, June wants to know why he hasn’t asked about his son, and he said he knows by the looks on her face, the gun, and the wedding rings. June notices that her jacket, and in turn the note is missing and wants to head back to get it. That’s not an option since the RV has a walker in the undercarriage and it’s toast. Sherry run her poor horse to much and ended up shooting it in the head. I’ve seriously lost count at the horse body count on the shows. Sherry finally says she wants to go back to Virginia and end Negan. Dwight says they will find June and he will help her get back home.

John Dorie opens up a bit more and says she has been going after Teddy since the 70s. Something John says triggers something in June’s thoughts and she believes that Hill, Virginia’s lackey, is back at the cabin. John doesn’t want to go because that’s where he left his boy 40 years ago. June convinces him to go to the cabin for answers and to get the other pistol, this is what gets him to come as the pistols belong together. The two stop at the store close to the cabin, John talks about past stories, June fixes up John’s hand, until he tricks her and locks her in the back as a way to protect her. Quick side story shows that Dwight and Sherry get John’s old truck running again on the bridge.

Jenna Elfman as June, Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr.- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

John Dorie looks around the cabin for the first time in a long time, he kills a walker outside and gets the jump on Hill holding a gun to him to try to get information. Hill won’t open anything up and the two end up fighting a bit, John falls back and sees the grave of his sun, and hesitates a bit and is shot by Hill. June kills Hill, and her, Dwight and Sherry gets John inside. June patches John up, with some time to themselves Dwight and Sherry return June’s jacket. John talks about why he left, and it’s because he loves his boy, he was afraid he was going to dim his light like the Teddy case did to him. He said he saw his boy eating ice cream that summer, saw how happy he was, so he went to the cabin, placed the pistols on the porch and never returned. All of them have a moment of silence for John Dorie Jr. at his grave. June reads the letter for the first time, I have to say John had a way with words even in writing. He says he forgot his dad for what he did, he knows he did it out of love, he says he hopes that June will forgive him for what he did because it was out of love and he will do everything he can to get back to her.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

After that, Dwight wants to start over from scratch with Sherry who agrees. June returns the rings back to Dwight and Sherry as the rightful owners. June and John Dorie head to the dam in the truck, while Sherry and Dwight ride on horse. When John and June arrive, Morgan is looking a certain type of way still. June introduces John Dorie, John’s father to Morgan who immediately perks up a little. Morgan says he is pleased to meet him and John saved him in more ways than one. John Dorie says that his sons wife just did the same for him. June tells Morgan that John knows all about the man who organized the attack on Grace and others. June apologizes to Morgan for what she did, and Morgan said he was wrong when he said there was nothing she could say or do to make things better. She wants a second chance and goes to check up on Grace. John tells Morgan that if Teddy does what he has always planned to do everyone will be dead, so Morgan says it’s time to get to work.