America’s favorite horror story franchise is coming back in full swing with a season that has been teased to crossover its first and third seasons (Murder House and Coven, respectively). The eight season will premiere September 12th on FX!

American Horror Story – Twitter

UPDATE: The title of the new season has been confirmed to be “Apocalypse” when AHS released a series of creept promo images on it’s official social media pages, featuring what is theorized to be the Antichrist child eluded to in season 1!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse poster viaa American Horror Srory’s Official Facebook

In the meantime, you could obviously binge watch the prior seasons on Netflix, but its a long summer so we have put together a short list of our favorite horror series:

Channel Zero

Syfy’s horror anthology series is truly the most similar in structure to the cult hit, and we casually refer to it as the slightly cheaper sibling series.

Channel Zero – Syfy

Even with season one‘s campy nature and the similarities to Stephen King’s “IT” there is an impressive originality and dynamic storytelling that blends horror fantady with psychological mystery thriller the series has come to be known for. If season one isn’t your cup of tea just jump straight to season 2 or 3 as, like AHS, every season is completely different and stands alone well. Season 4 “The Dream Door” is scheduled for an early 2019 release!

This series originated in Canada and after its badass first season, it was picked up by Netflix as a new semi-original series. A little more serial killer than supernatural it fills an important niche in our streaming tv landscape and we highly recommend this for fast-paced binge sessions. You’ll be guessing at every turn and knee deep in your own theories from start to finish!
The Twilight Zone
Does this even need an explanation? The series has been rebooted more times than my laptop and is mind-bending every time.
Nightmares and Dream Scapes
This slightly less notorious mini-series from TNT was unappreciated in its time, but it was well produced and had a stellar opening title sequence. A culmination series of shorts the recreate Steven King’s shorter works, Nightmares and Dreamscapes was a treat and we highly recommend it if you’re looking to round out your horror viewing.

There are more horror series out there but these are our top pics that deserve some attention before we all dove into AHS in September!