Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

After a year away from iZombie, it can be hard to get back into the groove. If I had more time, I would’ve rewatched season 3, but alas, I don’t, so I spent the first few minutes of the episode trying to remember what exactly is going on in “New Seattle”. I can’t be the only one that tends to forgot the interwoven complexities of each iZombie subplot. Also, it’s so dark. I mean, that ending?? REAL DARK…ominous.

Now that we’re back in the groove…it’s mostly business as usual for Liv and the gang: solving murders, eating brains…but now, half of Seattle  are zombies and it’s basically Like Berlin before the wall fell. Yeah. HUGE WALL. Civil War, gangs forming, nightly curfew, Malotov Cocktails, dwindling supplies of brain gogurts. So, stressful for the viewer, even. Major has joined the military recruitment team (unknowingly) by leading zombie youth groups  and picking out potential soldiers. Side-ish note: Will Major always flounder around as a lost character, unaware of his place?

Liv and Clive investigate a murder of an annoying zombie hating Seahawks super-fan. Live eats his brain and also becomes an annoying super-fan. After some investigating, they’re led back to the man’s wife and son—the son is, in fact, a zombie. So the wife killed the husband in order to protect her son from his wrath. Understandable. But death by meat grinder? Over the top.

Ravi is testing his new zombie cure, which has it’s glitches. He’s technically cured…but he craves brains every few weeks. This week he ate a nudist inventor…straight off the scale! Yuck!

Finally, onto the darkest but perhaps most interesting story of the premiere, Blaine’s father Angus has emerged from the well Blaine trapped him in (his henchman pulled him out). And he’s gone totally psycho. He thinks he’s connected to God, or something, and to prove it, he killed a pastor in the middle of a sermon. And are his brain. That’s the dark part I mentioned earlier…in case you didn’t already know.