While not a character or actress, Courtney Coles has rocked the AHS fandom by compiling the captions of each AHS6? Promo.  Here is what she came up with:


Source: Courtney Asiann Coles Instagram



So what did this ACTUALLY tell us?  Absolutely nothing!  But it is a fun read, and fuels the fan theory fires!  

This post makes us think this may be the season that ties-in to all seasons even more than we did before. Here are some of the lines that got our brains moving (the final one being our favorite theory):

1) “Murder [Murder House], Madness [Asylum], Magic [Coven], Misfits [Freakshow], and Mystery [6?]” Just some fun, innocent wordplay.  Nothing out of the ordinary here.

2)“Rise monster and meet the girl, March,”  seems like an obvious direct at March from season 5, who was also a technically a monster.

3) “Step by step recovery, Raising Hell” Recovery?  Sounds like Asylum to us!  Raising Hell?  Hello, Sister Mary Eunice


Source: American Horror Story / FX

4) “We are everywhere, Creeping” Because of the sheer spookiness and possible relation to THIS CREEPER coming at us through The Mist


Source: The Mist  SYFY

5) And fuel for the best fan theory:  ALIENS.

“Don’t Look Up” – The possible tie-in to all seasons: Aliens.  We saw them in season 2, as well as in one of the seasons promos.


Source: American Horror Story / FX

Which could also be related to these lines, in order:

“We see you from a different perspective” Different from what?

“Teach us we are waiting” Well that is a normal human thing to say to other people you are watching…

“Zen” Oh good the not-aliens-definitely-human-characters are patient in their observing of us….


“It leaves a mark, you can’t run from us” We were Zen a second ago! You’re scaring me, friend.  Maybe this birth mark hasn’t always been there…why am I running through this cornfield again?

“One by one we are under your skin while you sleep”  Well am I possessed?

Alien tracker up my nose?

Driven mad with a thirst for blood?   Magic implanted in me, cursed to be burned at the stake?  Experimented on and turned into a freak destined for a carnival? Genetically modified with a taste for blood? Or about to be hunted down by monsters or my own children while running through the mist?

We’ll know soon enough, won’t we?