I’m leaving 3 stars on Yelp. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

I know I have said it before, and it’s really ringing true in this second half of season 2, I am happy that we are getting to see not only the progression from the beginning, but we are also getting to witness how they are handling things from a different culture. It creates a lot of head scratching from me as I try to first figure out what people are doing, and then to try to figure out why they were doing that.

With that back story we pick up this episode at the compound that Nick is staying at, the town folk are down by the bus that is propped in between a metal fence to the walkers. A sick looking man looks like he not really wanting to but understands what he has to do next. He turns over his weapon, says his goodbye and walks into and through the bus to the group of walkers. But he just stops in place, puts his hands out and waits for the walkers to come up and devour him all while the town folk were chanting something I couldn’t understand up until the walkers devoured him. Nick witnessed this from a distance and didn’t quite understand what was going on.

The episode jumped around and we got to see how another group was fairing, but we will continue on with Nick’s story. It is quite obvious that Nick needs to learn Spanish, let’s be honest I need to learn Spanish, if nothing else the Walking Dead world is making me realize I need to learn other languages. Back to Nick, a number of people are asking him to do things, or trying to explain things to him that he is not understanding. Luciana asks Nick to come with her, he doesn’t quite understand at first but he gets the point. Just the two of them set out through the bus to the walkers, Luciana stabs a knife of a walker in the shoulder blade area and pins him against a board. She tells Nick to “put on his makeup” as she can smell him form there.
After putting on all the “makeup” they start walking out in the open, during all of the setup I should make mention Luciana can speak English and was give Nick some details on why she chose him to go on this trip, because nobody would miss him if something happened to him.
During the walk Nick of course asks questions, specifically questions on what happened earlier with the guy sacrificing himself to the walkers. She said that it was for their protection, that “those near death, deliver themselves to death to join the wall for protection.” She continues that the pharmacist has the town thinking this is a world cleanse and that the world will be reset again, and that he was bit from a walker and didn’t turn. Nick doesn’t believe that he was at all bit, let alone by a walker.

They finally reach the destination which was a warehouse store, that might have originally been, but is for sure now a grocery store with people living in tents. You can tell that a number of people are sick and it is effecting those around them. Luciana trades a bag of medicine for a shopping cart to get all the supplies they can carry. She is after water and other essentials, the original deal was for 2 shopping carts but this time they were only allowed one.

During the shopping spree Nick tries to get a treat which Luciana tells him to get only what they need, he sees the main bandit with someone and that she is going through withdrawals. Nick ends up stealing the treat, which is extremely stupid it could have easily fit in the cart. When they tried to punish him he played hardball and had Luciana translate for him that the bandit’s sister needed oxy and she was going to have hard times and they have the oxy and they will take their business elsewhere. He gives up the second cart and Luciana is upset that they called them out on their bullshit and she is worried they will follow them to find out where their home is.

Upon returning, Nick gives the treat to the little girl who lost her father earlier. Luciana tells him to come with her, and he listens to the pharmacist talk. You can tell that the town is listening to every word that he says. During the conversation Nick does notice that he was bitten in between his neck and shoulder. This of course raises many questions and could turn the whole Walking Dead world upside down. Was he bit by a dog, or a human, or was it in fact a walker? If it was a walker and it didn’t need to be chopped off how did he stop the infection? Was it some medicine? Perhaps they are going to play the angle that the show Z Nation on Sci-Fi is doing that someone is immune to it and might be the cure after all.

Turning to the group of Ofelia, Alicia, Madison and Strand, they seem to just be roaming around with no real game plan. Madison is waiting for Nick, Ofelia is lost, Strand seems to be teetering towards either direction, strangely enough Alicia is the one with her head on straight. Alicia and Strand say they need to go back to the Abigail, it has water and other supplies, they get there and see that the government has taken it, Ofelia says she wants to walk into the ocean and die.

Alicia writes a note that Abigail is lost and to head north, Alicia also says they need shelter and it’s safer to be inside and they should investigate the large hotel on the beach from earlier. They watch for a bit and see no movement and head to the front door, the door is locked and chairs are propped against it. They break the door and go inside, Ofelia being worthless leaves the door open. Strand as the ballsy one goes right up front and start mashes on the service bell. If you are going to have to go head to head with people or walkers might as well do it while ready.

Madison and Strand bond by being on the edge and sit and drink all of the alcohol. Alicia still being the one that has her head on straight says that her and Ofelia will start checking rooms for supplies and the mini bar stocks for food.

After seeing some rooms they notice someone was marking rooms Do Not Disturb if walkers were inside, they got some supplies and food from an empty room and realized that the water was on and still hot. Alicia takes a shower while Ofelia vanishes. While this is going on Strand and Madison continue to be grade A morons by throwing glass and playing the piano, the noise creates a walker attack from the ground as walkers start heading towards and into the hotel, and from above, as walkers have been going out the open slider doors to the balconies, and falling down to the outside and getting up as they of course don’t die towards them at the bar.

Alicia tries to yell for their attention and looks for Ofelia to no avail, she tries to go down the stairwell but comes face to face with a huge group of walkers and is forced to retreat. Madison and Strand fight off some of the walkers, but are forced to retreat to behind the bar while walkers are all around them trying to order a bloody human.