Last we saw Josh Chan & Valencia Perez, they had just broken up because he refused to propose to her, after which he ran off and had hot sex with Rebecca. But then she told him the real reason she moved to West Covina, him, & freaked him out.

With season 2 approaching, & Gabrielle Ruiz’s promotion to series regular we don’t know where anyone stands, all we know is that shits about to get
C R A Z Y. (eh guys! my joke, guys!)

This brings me to the photos above. Both Gabrielle & Vincent Rodriguez have been tweeting about taking ballet classes lately. You might say that they’re both dancers and they’re trying to keep in shape and that this is a coincidence; but I would slap you before you finished that sentence and offer you an alternative: THIS IS FOR A DUET/DANCE! THEY’RE BOTH GONNA SING AND DANCE BALLET AND SLAY OUR EMOTIONS.

Maybe it’s their characters way of saying goodbye? Or maybe it’s a sensual getting back together sex ballet! I guess we’ll find out soon enough.