Source: Mindy Kaling

In times like these, I wish I had access to whatever secret database decides which tape colour goes with which actor…but I don’t – so let’s put on our detective hats and figure this out!

 First off, if season 5’s production schedule is anything like last years, this episode could be the second or third, or it could be a scene from episode 14.

We don’t even really know who was on set last week because Mindy’s good at keeping things she wants a secret a secret. Maybe she took this picture in the first week of production and posted it now. Or maybe it’s an older picture. Or maybe even she’s totally messing with us and it’s not a kiss at all.

 Let’s pretend, for the sake of this post, that she posted the picture right after she took it, with the costar she’s gonna kiss standing in front of her. Now let’s guess who that might be.

 1- Leo:
MK is a troll and the scene is just Mindy holding Leo up and giving him a kiss on the cheek or head or something; I don’t know how babies work.

 2- Jody:
Garett doesn’t seem to have been on set last week so it’s not Jody, thank you goodbye

 3- Danny:

 4- Rando date of the week guy:
This is possible – bad cold open date kiss could totally set the tone for an episode where ML is worried she’s a bad kisser now

5- Any boyfriend from season 4:
Morgan went through the list of her relationship failures last year, from Neel to the sports/wedding guy to the hot bartender – they all seem to have ended terribly so it’s not likely.

 6- BEN:
Sweet, new, still unproblematic Ben. Bryan Greenberg has been my dream man since One Tree Hill, so the idea of Jake Jagielski hooking up with Mindy Lahiri makes me so happy. Just look at this pic Bryan posted on Instagram, doesn’t it totally look like they just finished making out for 14 takes!?


Who do you think Mindy is making out with? Are you as excited as I am about Mindy & Ben? Let me know in the comments and keep checking in with us for TMP news and updates leading up to the premiere in October!