Westworld fans rejoice! Season 3 finally has a premiere date: March 15, 2020. HBO released a teaser last week that among other things, which we’ll get to, finally gave us the date we’ve been looking for. It is slightly curious that we’ve had to wait this long, and just two months prior, to get the date. Perhaps the show has had longer post-production than expected.

In any event, the countdown is on. The teaser is just that, there is no new footage but instead offers up a timeline as to the events that lead up to the current season. Up until now Westworld has been pretty vague about the exact placement of its timeline. All we knew was that it was some time in the distant future where technology was advanced enough to have human-like A.I.

This trailer though now confirms that the current timeline is set in 2058. The creepy part is the timeline and how close to home it kind of feels. Tellingly, the events in the timeline are labelled as ‘divergences’ which suggest that they are both anomalous and critical to the eventual future. These events include the Hong Kong riots, the impeachment of Donald Trump, ecological collapse in 2020 in Indonesia, the assassination of the US president-elect in 2024, a thermonuclear incident in Paris a year later and a Russian civil war in 2037.

Then in 2039, a system is created called the ‘Solomon Build’. This apparently brings peace to the world until we get another divergence in 2058: a critical event at an unknown location. A voice-over in the background, meanwhile, has been narrating and he mentions the arrival of an unaccounted-for factor simply identified as ‘you’. This is probably referring to Dolores and the critical event is no doubt her doing.

What all this means though is still up in the air and in typical Westworld fashion we’re left with more questions then answers.

Make sure to keep it locked on TGON in the lead up to Season 3 as we’ll have you covered.