The Good Place Chapter 18 – Existential Crisis

The Good Place, Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

On last night’s The Good Place, the demons tried a new torture method on Tahani while Chidi and Eleanor tried to get Michael to contemplate death  broke him.

Vicki is sitting in Michael’s chair and acting like she owns the place because her version of the neighbourhood is going so well. Of course, she doesn’t know that everyone knows about the good place/bad place thing or that the humans have teamed up with Michael and are just acting tortured. She tells Michael all about her plan to torture Tahani by having her throw a party that the demons will upstage with their own, better party that everyone goes to, on the same night. Michael relays this to his new best friend Tahani before class, and she vows to throw a party so grand the demons will hate theirs and flock to hers.

The Good Place, Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

Obviously, this doesn’t work. These people are magic, they have a puppy pit, a build-a-real-bear workshop, a kangaroo pouch, AND A FREAKING REAL LIFE UNICORN PEOPLE CAN RIDE! Upon seeing this display, Tahani is heartbroken that she couldn’t outdo their party with hers, despite the fact that like all of her parties, this one was also too much, Unicorns are tough to beat guys. At the end of the party, Tahani has a weird epiphany about how shallow she is as a human being if the most effective way to torture her is through event planning problems. Jason leaves the party, grabs her some food and tries to cheer her up with the best pep talk ever, telling her she’s smart, dope, fly, and fresh. While he’s a little dumb, the man has such a sweet heart and he’s adorable so I am all here for everyone realizing it. At the end of the episode, we cut to…*drumroll please*…TAHANI AND JASON IN BED! They did the sex! And it was “awesome” for both of them. I dig this pairing, I’m excited to see where we go from here, after breakfast (Jason knows how to make cereal!)

Screenshot 2017-10-12 22.32.48
Colleen Hayes / NBC

In Eleanor & Chidi land, there are unfortunately no hookups…yet. They want Michael to take the ethics lessons seriously so Chidi tries to get him to imagine and process his own death. This totally fucks Michael up, the worst thing that can actually happen to him is retirement, with the hot ladle and the scooping of the souls, but somehow death – the idea of there never being a him again – reeeeaaaaaally fucks him up. First Michael has an existential crisis, where he questions everything and wanders around, throwing himself a pity party.

The Good Place, Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

Trying to fix him, Eleanor tells him to just push the feelings down and not think about it. This send Michael into a whole different kind of crisis, the mid-life kind. He shows up in a red sports car, with a diamond earring, wearing a white linen suite. He’s also asked Janet to dye her hair blonde and wear a bandage dress and tell him he’s funny. The typical mid-life crisis that 40 year old dudes go through, calling women honey and sweetheart and bragging about their drug use and rolling around in a cool car looking lame, Michael goes through exactly that. Finally Eleanor manages to snap him out of it by telling him that humans are always aware of their mortality, and while it sucks, it’s the only option we’ve got. That seems to get Michael out of his funk, and hopefully Janet can go back to her old look. I leave you with Michael looking sad next to an ice sculpture holding a bunch of balloons, honestly because it is a hilarious sight.

The Good Place, Season 2

The Good Place airs Thursdays on NBC!


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