We had a lot of Supernatural fun this weekend at Comic Con!starting with the Hall H panel, with Executive Producers Robert Singer and Andrew dabb; series regulars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard. And of course with my favortie MCs, Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr moderating.

The panel began with a pretty intense and emotional Season 12 trailer ending with Mama Winchester telling Dean “I never wanted this for you and Sam.”



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Singer says that they “Can’t get bigger than God” so next season is going to be about the smaller stories, and getting back to the basics, “put on a good old fashioned horror show.” I mean, yeah there isn’t a lot bigger than God, but with Lucifer on the loose (AND USING RICK SPRINGFIELD AS A VESSEL!!!!) and the British Men of Letters coming into play, I feel like there is still plenty of Big Arcs for the boys to deal with this season… and next… Since it’s been officially confirmed that Supernatural will be back for Season 13!!! The hunt for Sam will take a few episodes, Singer says. “As far as he knew, the bomb blew up and that’s what saved the world. So he’s really excited to see Dean when Dean shows up.” Plus, Toni tells him his brother is dead. “That doesn’t take up too many episodes. We get that over with pretty quickly but I think [those episodes are] action-packed and all our characters are involved. Everybody has their own piece in those stories.”


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On top of Luci and the Men of Letters across the pond, there is Mama Winchester to take into consideration. Jensen says that Mary returning with definitely shift the dynamic of Team Free Will and that it’s been interesting to play. Mary died when Sam was a baby and Dean was four years old, so now she is returning her sons who are grown men, and never really knew her (other than the mythical ideal of her that you only get after death), and while they ARE blood, is she really family in the TFW sense? It’ll be interesting to watch and Jensen said he is excited to see them try to bridge that gap…. After which Mama Winchester (Samantha Smith) joins the cast on stage!!! Yes, that’s right. There is a woman on the Supernatural stage at Comic Con. deep breath

Going off of Jensen, Jared talked a bit about how it will be interesting to go back to the concept of family, and what that means. Sam will be a son for pretty much the first time (Sam and John never really had a traditional father/son dynamic), and while Cas isn’t blood (or human) he’s become family. It’ll be interesting to see how Mary fits into this makeshift clan, or whether she will at all. It’s also mentioned how Cas and Mary might interact. Dabb talked about the fact that Cas knows how important Mary is to the boys and that he’ll have a cool dynamic with her. He might be tattling on the boys to her (PLEASE. YES).
This season will be especially fun since Cas is gonna be back to being a badass motherfucker from season 4. Yes. I am fucking here for this, if only they could miraculously find his old trench coat!!! Basically, Cas is pissed, and on a hunt for Luci (WHO IS BEING PLAYED BY RICK SPRINGFIELD, HAVE I MENTIONED?).

The boys aren’t the only ones with an expanding family!! Crowley and Rowena (Ruth Connell, who also joins the cast on stage) are going to be seeing Crowley’s son, Gavin again. Ruth says she wants Rowena to get her freak on a little, since she’s DEFINITELY not ready to be a grandmother. I can’t wait to see three generations of hot mess together, guys. I love Fergus and RowRow and adding Gavin to the mix just tickles me. XD

Along with Gavin, we’re gonna be seeing Alex, Claire, Jody, and Donna back next season, too!!! I’m still wishing for that Wayward Daughters spin-off…  No word on long lost brother Adam or whether he’s still in Hell. I heard a theory, though, that when Cas lit him on fire, Adam died like Jimmy did that same day, and that he went to Heaven. So we can stop feeling bad for Adam and let him rest in peace.
The panel ends with them talking about and thanking their fans. “You don’t ever get to year 12 if you don’t have incredible fans.” Singer says. Thank Chuck, because I’m fairly new to this family, but I couldn’t agree more on the awesomeness that is us.

And that‘s the 2016 Supernatural Comic-Con panel! I’ll be back with the Nerd HQ panels for the Supernatural cast and (ahem) Jared Padalecki!!