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Scream Queens is back this fall with all the same characters and an even crazier storyline (if that is even possible)!

  • Dean Munsch, Chanel OG, 3 and 5, along with Hester and Zeydey are all back!

_John Stamos, Colten Haynes and Tayler Lautner are joining the cast

  • Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) is the character who buys the hospital, with all the Chanel’s also around.
  • Hester (Lea Michelle) is off on her own storyline for awhile, but will show up at the hospital eventually.

-Brand new killer this season

  • John Stamos’ character is the first person to have a live hand transplant. Get ready for a very murder-happy hand (If I had to guess)
  • While we won’t know exactly where Hester is for awhile, she still somehow has scenes with the other characters and “has a fun new accessory to play with”
  • The main murder mystery of the year is supposedly very different from last years. How ever when asked if the babies in the bathtub plot line had anything to do with season 2, Ian Brennan had no comment.
  • There will be a 3 year time jump from season one.
  • Zayday is Dean

Munsch’s protege.

  • The Chanel’s get involved when they are released from prison and cut off from their familes, Munsch gives them jobs.
  • Chanel 5 (Abigail Breslin) is off her meds and crazier than ever.

This season will deal with “female empowerment” and “equal female rights”

  • THE EARMUFFS ARE BACK! However this time they are there for an actual medical reason.
  • And in obviously the best news….CHAD IS BACK. He and John Stamos’ character will apperently shower together if ya know…anyone is interested in that info.

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