Midnight, Texas - Season 2

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Talk about sending mixed signals. Creek races back to town because of a frantic voicemail from Manny that he didn’t send. Kai got a voice mail meant for Manny from Patience that she didn’t send. Walker won’t leave Joe alone. Manny is still trying to warn Patience away from Kai but is having none of it. She believes in her husband.

Turns out there is a new kid in town. He delights in playing games.

Fiji on the other hand is doing great. She chose the dark path and now she is to bind herself to the dark side. She still wants to save Bobo. She loves him so much. Will she be able to control what happens?

Manny tells the others about Kai hoarding “monster powers”. Manny still doesn’t like Kai and wants to bring him down. Lem, Olivia, Creek and Manny come up with an idea to see if Kai is truly hoarding the powers or if he is really up to good.

Lem has truly enjoyed being human. He REALLY likes to eat. But he doesn’t like feeling helpless like he is without his powers. He asks Kai for them back and Kai refuses.

Suddenly the phones don’t work and the power goes out all across Midnight. Joe, Lem, Olivia, Manny and Creek, decide to break into the hotel to take his power back. Everyone gets seperated. What is gonna happen to Lem? Will everyone make it out alive? What is the new kid in town’s place in all this?

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Midnight Texas

Source TVLine