Better Call Saul ep 7



Following the what we saw last week I was wondering on how they will be able to top themselves. But I was very happy they return to the Kettelman family and their legal troubles. This was subplot that I knew would come back to bite Jimmy. However the big thing in this episode was seeing how out of touch the Kettelmens really were. It’s going to make their downfall so much sweeter, and seeing Saul and Mikey too a job together brought back some great memories   from Breaking Bad. I really hope we see how their case fully unfold. I like to think this case will show Jimmy playing dirty so he can get himself out of any trouble. He’s going to build this ideal that there is always some wiggle room to bend the law. Now do I think this topped last week episode? No, but this was a still a solid follow that gave us a case we can’t wait to see how it turns out. I also felt that last scene showed that Jimmy is only human that still hasn’t form into Saul Goodman yet.