Episode Two, “Insurgent”

The old adage “too many cooks spoil the broth,” couldn’t have been more linked to this week’s “UnREAL.” With Chet exerting his Paleolithic-masculine bull sh!t, the number of executive producers on the set of “Everlasting” is reaching mayday-like levels. The fourteenth season of the show was to be Quinn’s belle epoque and Rachel’s ascent to the big pants room of ‘executive’. Instead, Chet hijacked the set, lured the suitor Darius away and convinced the network head honcho that HIS vision of “Everlasting” was the bees’ knees.

Did I mention Chet’s vision of “Everlasting” is a fifteen year old boy’s idea of a swinging good time (insert eyeroll to the heavens)?

With the excessive hands all in one pot, there are literally two shows being filmed on one set: Rachel and Quinn’s version vs. Chet’s. We see from the get-go what Chet and crew are about: the ladies in bikinis in freezing weather. Darius’s entourage makes for interesting conflict-one of them engaging in an AHEM, carnal act with a bachelorette that wanted off of the show.

The ladies themselves are the usual suspects of wide-ranging personalities and temperaments. The racist Beth Ann whom parades around in confederate flag bathing suits. Debutante Chantal, the professional who’s fiancè was killed in a car accident. Social justice activist Ruby who dropped out of school (at Rachel’s urging)-and is being groomed by Jay to win the whole banana. The mix of women with someone like pro athlete Darius is catnip to the viewer. The potential for disaster is thisclose each episode-something that was a bit lacking in season one. It’s exciting and interesting to.watch weekly.

The cherry on this disaster of a show within a show was Rachel sabotaging Quinn and trying to save her own showrunner future. Instead of cementing her future, life came at her fast and the network head hired an outsider, Coleman Wasserman to clean-up the “Everlasting” set. Can we all just throw out a collective ‘dayummmmmm’ for Rachel blowing up her own spot?

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