So finally season 2 of Gotham is among us! The teasers have made me crazy for it to start. “Damned if you do” is what this episode is called.  The cliffhanger was of course  the discovery of the Batcave. And that’s that’s where we start this episode only to discover a closed door. A lot of arguing and fertiliser later the door is finally open. Only to discover that the password was his own name. To be honest, my eyes nearly watered when Bruce read his father’s letter.

Gotham wouldn’t be complete without detective Gordon, although it took a while before he was a detective again. We see him controlling the traffic while Bullock works in a bar and has his life back together.  Gordon gets fired mainly because Lobe does not like him.  But that’s where Penguin comes back in the game. With his new crew consisting out of Butch, Victor, Selena(!) and some of Falcone’s men, he looks unstoppable. He even got his own butler. A nightly visit from Penguin and Victor makes Lobe realise that his years as commissioner are over and that he probably needs a new guard. In the end Gordon get’s his position back, after all sometimes the right way is also the ugliest way.

The real action we see in Arkham. With my favourite Jerome and everyone’s not so favourite Barbara. I don’t even know why everyone hates her, alright, she didn’t add that much to the story last season. But who knows what happens this season, I think it’s still fun to see her turn crazy. I love how she wraps all the guys around her finger within five minutes of being in Arkham. That’s before she, Jerome and some other inmates get kidnapped by Theo, for some kind of secret project.

I think this was a great first episode. It turned pretty dark in some scenes, mostly the ones where Zsaz was in. Too bad that Nygma got just one scene, although it really showed what a brilliant actor Cory Michael Smith is. I’m also very eager to find out what Selena’s doing in Penguins crew and who’s going to unexpectedly die. Can’t wait  for next week’s episode! – Natasja