Source: The CW // Jane the Virgin

Jennie Urman, the creator and showrunner of Jane the Virgin, attended the ATX TV Festival in Austin, TX last weekend and spilled some juicy spoilers on our favorite telenovela.

Jane The Virgin

Jane’s getting busy this season. In Urman’s words, “Yes, Yes, Yes! It’s Happening!” According to Urman, the underlying theme of season 3 will be growing up, and Jane losing her virginity will be part of that journey. She also hinted that it wouldn’t be happening at the beginning or end of the season, “to me, it feels like it puts too much pressure on it, and that isn’t what the show is about at its core.” So, sex! Somewhere in the middle! But who with? We still don’t know. She gave us no hints about Michael’s vitality. 🙁

Petra won’t be Petra-fied forever.

We don’t have to say goodbye to our favorite twin; she’ll be coming out of that coma eventually. But that’s not to say she won’t come out undamaged. It’s safe to say there’s going to be some bad blood between her and Anezka.

The Passions of…Steve?

Urman also revealed that Rogelio will be making the jump to American television next season, which will present a brand new set of hurdles for him. …They couldn’t think of a more romantic name than Steve?!