Source: Alex C for The Game of Nerds

Every wondered what it would be like to have 2 Peraltas in one precinct? Well this week we got a glimpse into what insanity that would be.

When a pipe burst in their precinct, the 98 had to come share the 99’s space. The only problem is that the 98 is THE WORST. Chatty Cathy’s, service dog fraud committers, and microwave hogs…how could anyone get along with this scum? The one light in this dreary fog of policemen was Steve Schillens (Damon Wayans, Jr.)–or so we thought! He was Jake’s old partner when they were beat cops; they even called themselves the “Beatsie Boys” and man are they two peas in a pod.  Steve just happen to be working on a case similar to Jake and Charles, so he tagged along with them on a stakeout. Charles was obviously extremely jealous of this man who claims to be Jake’s best friend, so he kept an eye on him. It’s a good thing because he caught Steve planting drugs in a suspect’s apartment. Gasp! Dirty cop! The true test of Jake and Charles’ friendship was that when Charles told Jake about this, he believed him and confronted Steve. This of course started an all out brawl among the two precincts because they all hate each other. In the chaos a pipe burst–which we learned was Captain Holt’s doing–and they 9-8 had to leave. what a shame! I gotta be honest though, I can’t blame that one guy for wanting to take his dog everywhere.

I should really be keeping a tally here… what number is the 98 in a long list of people that the 99 hates? I guess it’s hard for anyone to live up to their impeccable standards!