Source: Bates Motel // A&E

The final season is set to premiere in 2017 and we’ve gathered all the scoop to hold you over until then!

Rihanna was recently cast as Marion Crane and generated a lot of excited buzz! Now we know Isabelle McNally will also be joining the show as a “warm, kinhearted figure with a striking resemblance to Norma Bates.”

McNally’s character is named “Madelaine Loomis” which is interesting because Loomis just happened to be Marion’s boyfriend’s last name in the original Psycho. Is she his sister? Is she perhaps his wife? Will she die instead of Rihanna? Interestingly, they are also casting for a Sam Loomis character so…the plot thickens.

Fans have speculated that because Rihanna looks nothing like Vera Farmiga, perhaps Bates is straying from it’s source material and choosing a new woman for Norman’s obsession.

The showrunners, Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse, also recently said that viewers shouldn’t be worried about Farmiga’s exit after what happened to Norma last season. She is said to be central to the show, perhaps filling in as the version of Mother Norman constructs in his head.

Article Submitted by Tyler Hanne