Episode Synopsis:

A beautiful pharmaceutical rep enters the gang’s life when she agrees to sublet Jess’ room while she is on jury duty.

The Gang:

Nick, Winston & Reagan- Well, we got to see deeper into Nick’s thoughts on love, when he expresses that he wants to have magic between him and a woman. But later at the hospital, he realizes that magic between two people can be somewhat unrealistic, so he vows to start seeing his love life more realistically with the help of Winston. Unfortunately, right after, Reagan walks through the doors of the hospital and makes Nick’s jaw drop. Guess that idea is going out the window. First off, I gotta say that I liked Megan Fox’s character. I know everyone was not happy with her coming on board, and I myself, was a little skeptical, but I love how sassy Reagan is. Next, there was a big OMG moment, when we saw that Nick actually CLEANED his room. We’ve never seen that place spick and span. And with candles lit all around. What?! I immediately thought, “Nick, you are going WAY over the top.” We can definitely say that this is not realistic. It was also funny to see Winston try to help Nick stay on track with his realistic ideas, but soon realize that he was going to epically fail. Also, Nick attempted to install a rain shower in the bathroom. Really? Come on Nick. We all know now that Reagan is suppose to be the total opposite of Jess. Jess was the girl Nick knew he could be himself with, but with Reagan, he was just lying out of his ears.

Schmidt, Cece & Reagan- So we see that Schmidt has been getting jealous a lot because of the fact that a lot of men have been hitting on Cece at the bar. I mean, I guess I don’t blame him. Cece has gotten hit on a lot in the past, but in the end, she always went back to Schmidt. When we see Reagan enter the loft and recognize Cece from a past relationship, which for me, I don’t think needed to be done, but I guess it also added to Schmidt’s jealousy. It progressed later with Schmidt all depressed and eating a huge block of cheese in his bedroom, and Reagan coming in and giving him some great words of advice about his relationship with Cece. I thought that whole scene between him and Reagan was really nice and funny and thought as actors, Max and Megan played off each other really well. Later at the bar, we got a happy moment because of course Schmidt and Cece worked it out.

I thought this was another great episode. I guess we’re just delving deeper into Nick’s love life and thoughts on love, instead of Jess’s usual relationship focus. And one last thought on Reagan. I really like her character dynamic between her and the rest of gang because she calls out everyone’s flaws, which we see, but not specifically in the way Reagan’s character sees them. She’s kind of the mature one and she can’t believe the intelligence of the people living in this loft. First, she comments on the fact that Nick can’t install a shower head, she comments on the fact that Winston owns a cat. This one was funny because as viewers, we seem to enjoy the Winston and Ferguson shenanigans, and lastly, she calls out Schmidt for his jealousy. It just makes you see the characters personalities in a new light. Also, can we just talk about the fact that Liz Meriwether herself, appeared in this episode. Awesome! Can’t wait to see how Reagan evolves throughout her arc on the show and how it effects the rest of the group.


4/5 glasses rating