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Second Hand embarrassment + “Why the hell did you do that?”= Chapter 33 of Jane the Virgin

Second Hand Embarrassment

Last week, Jane spent the entire episode trying (and failing) at controlling her horny feels for Professor Chavez (or I guess we can call him Jonathan now?). Jane stupidly got her advice from fellow horndog, Xiomara, who told her to read the signals that he was putting out. So all she could think about was letting her knee touch his and staying in close proximity. And it all worked out perfectly! Jk, she freaking kissed his sweater! She was embarrassed for a total of 5 minutes, but you have to remember that this is a CW show centered around a pretty girl, so of course he ended up asking her out at the end of the episode. You wanna know what happens in REAL LIFE if you embarrass yourself like that around a guy? They laugh at you, avoid eye contact, and try to never speak to you again. I guess the lesson we learn from Jane (and part of the reason men are so attracted to her) is that she wasn’t afraid to just go and confront Jonathan, apologize for her actions, and admit her feelings for him. Once again, easier acted on a TV show than done.

Why the hell did you do that?

Jane finally let Rogelio babysit Matelio, and while we all assumed it was going to be a trainwreck, it actually went pretty well. UNTIL, Rogelio got out the loose diamond he was planning on giving to Xiomara and just casually showing it to Mateo. While he’s eating little food the same size. Because, you know, that’s smart. He got distracted when Jane called him to check up on him and the next thing you know…poof! The diamond is gone…in Mateo’s tummy. Luckily, it was a tiny diamond and Mateo was able to swallow it and poop it out. How would you like wearing that on your finger?

All of that led to Ro finally proposing to Xo after her performance. It was so sweet I just about cried. Everything would’ve been perfect, except Rogelio mentioned wanting more kids, and Xiomara is ready to focus on herself. That might be a dealbreaker (sadly), so the proposal was put on hold. I honestly don’t know which way this will go. Will Rogelio change his mind and accept that he won’t have any more kids? Will Xiomara agree to have more? (unlikely) or will they actually break up?

And now to those minor plots…

  • Rafael and Petra focused on keeping the Marbella’s good name, which forced Petra to swallow her pride. We got to see a statue of her called “Trophy Wife” which was basically a split screen of her character development throughout the series. The episode ended with Rafael making a move, which Petra surprisingly turned down, because she doesn’t believe he’s over Jane.
  • Michael and Susanna spent the episode using Luisa to find out more about Mutter and how Rose is connected. This helped us realize 1. Susanna is actually into Luisa (I didn’t know that before; I thought she was just playing along) and 2. Luisa is still in love with Rose. Damnit.


Jane the Virgin is taking another few weeks off, but will be back February 22nd!