Flash 506 1

Team Flash discover Caitlin’s father. Photo courtesy of FlickeringMyth.com.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “The Icicle Cometh” and Events That Occurred Prior

We finally know how Caitlin got her powers! While it’s not something we really needed to know, the answer we did get was actually a pretty satisfying one. Being the product of an ALS cure is quite a unique and interesting spin on things. Even more interesting was the twist that her father was, in fact, his evil counterpart—Icicle.

That’s where the good parts of that storyline stop. The rest of it was bogged down by constant exposition, lack of logic, and characters sitting around explaining to us the lessons that they should and have learned (mostly coming from Caitlin—shocker I know). The fact that only Cisco was even open to being suspicious was beyond ridiculous. After everything this team has been through, it makes zero sense for both Barry and Caitlin to not even give her new found father a second thought.  Especially Barry–I mean, has he learned nothing?

Flash 506 2

Caitlin finally gets to spend some time with her father. Photo courtesy of FlickeringMyth.com.

Nora and Iris finally got some time to bond this week, even if their entire subplot did feel like it was padding out the hour. I mean all we got for most of it were some awkward exchanges and a silly Sherloque moment or two. Their entire plot could have been solved and completed within three minutes. Even though they could have had a more meaty way for Nora and Iris to bond, it was nice to see the two not fighting each other for once.

Ralph and Cecil’s story, while also feeling like padding, was a little more substantial. The show is trying to give Cecil a place in Team Flash, and I think they are doing a good job. Not only is Danielle Nicolet charming and funny in the scenes she does, but I honestly see a lot of potential for her in the show. The two of them were on a mission to find out Cicada’s identity—and thanks to Cecil, they actually were successful!

Flash 506 3

Iris and Nora, finally getting some mother and daughter bonding time. Photo courtesy of FlickeringMyth.com.

That’s right, Team Flash now knows Cicada’s identity—and also that of his daughter. We actually got to see some of Cicada in the episode, as he was struggling with his new and old wounds. I still have no idea what his glowing chest wound is, but it’s likely related to his dagger–maybe even related to its use in general. We almost got more of a focus on Cicada’s doctor friend than we did on Cicada himself. Adding the doctor to the mix really makes their plot interesting and sets it apart from previous big bads. I mean this time, our big bad is willingly being helped out by a regular citizen.

Caitlyn’s episode gave us a rather mediocre outing. I guess it’s good that we have Killer Frost back, but I just wish Danielle Panabaker was better suited for the role (something I’ve thought since Frost’s introduction). The backstory and explanation of Killer Frost, however, was a good addition to the show’s lore. Even though the episode mainly focused on Caitlin and her father, we were still able to maintain progress on the Cicada front. So far this season, only one out of six episodes hasn’t involved the main threat of the season—and that’s pretty good when it comes to The Flash.

Bonus Note(s):

  • That Mister Freeze name drop though


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