The Walking Dead is so wacky sometimes! Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds

This week started with an old sitcom Who’s the Boss? I love the symbolism of the start and he sitcom with how the show is or will go in the future. If anyone has watched “Who’s the Boss?” in the past the housekeeper really was boss of the household even though he was the housekeeper. With this episode you see that Dwight could be seen as taking the housekeeper role in doing so much around the compound. I think this dynamic will come up again in the future.

Outside of that, we see Dwight doing basically whatever he wants, going around and cutting in line stealing bread, taking eggs, taking lettuce, seeing that someone can’t pay his debt on going to his room area, #39 and checking through his stuff, getting himself mustard and pickles. I can say one thing, his sandwich was by far the best looking on the show, perhaps food item all together. It made me hungry after I already ate, reality strikes as we see and hear a bunch of walkers on spikes. It looks like the Saviors have them as a defense mechanism, some poor sacks with letters on their sweaters have to maneuver a walker to it’s new spike, it looks like a horrible scary job, and shows where on the totem pole you want to be at if you are at the Saviors compound. We see an interesting situation where a walker seems to be slowing down or wasting away, as it is struggling to keep on it’s feet.

Next up Dwight thinks of and visits his prisoner Daryl. He makes him, and I wish I was joking, a dog food sandwich. Daryl literally can’t wait to eat that up, so we are not sure how long he has been held up, or held up without food. Dwight also plays the song that everyone probably hates now, Easy Street, extremely loud day after day. It is enough to eventually make him go stir crazy between the dark, dog food and loud music. Dwight eventually gives Daryl some clothes and takes him to the doctor to look at the shoulder wound. When they arrive, Sherry is in with the doctor and it is downright awkward between her and Dwight. She tries to talk to Daryl and Dwight tells her not to, and Dwight sees that a pregnancy test was on the table, she says it is negative, in which Dwight replies “maybe next time.”

Negan offers to let Dwight have a “free ride” with a girl if she says yes because of all his hard work. Dwight doesn’t seem interested and Negan makes some jokes about Dwight’s junk and how it might not be operational after Eugene’s antics. While this is happening Negan gets a message that they have a situation, someone grabbed some items and fled. Dwight volunteers to go and hunt him down, and Negan says that “Fat Joey” can feed Daryl. So Dwight heads off, and Daryl is fed, but Joey forgets to lock the door. Daryl can’t believe it and starts to look at the door, he does get it open and tries to escape, if it all seems to good to be true it usually is. When Daryl is trying to escape Sherry tries to stop him and tells him that he should go back while he can, it can always be worse and especially if you are bad. Daryl doesn’t listen and looks for an exit, he sees motorcycles and for some reason thinks he will find keys in one, when he makes his run for it he is surrounded by Negan’s people and then Negan comes whistling up. Negan tries to get Daryl to crack and flinch with Lucille, and he doesn’t, Negan walks away and has his thugs beat up Daryl.

Dwight catches up with the escapee who was fighting a walker. They were talking about how things used to be, which makes you realize they were from a place before Negan came. The other guy was talking about how they can live like this when their is only one of him and so many of them. He asked how Dwight can take it now that Negan is married to his wife. Dwight tells him that it all belongs to Negan or will, that things are better, and if he doesn’t comply he will kill him and dig up his dead wife and feed her to the crows. The other guy said it is not worth going back and to just let him go, after he won’t he tells him that he doesn’t care if he dies, that he wants Dwight to do it, so Dwight does end up shooting him in the back and goes back to the compound.

Dwight gets Daryl ready for his initiation choice. Before that happens though he does show Daryl a picture of Glenn’s beaten head, and says that they are even because they both took a life. Negan talks down about Dwight and explains to Daryl how, Sally’s sister was hot and sick, and needed medicine. Negan offered to marry her to take care of her in sickness and in health. But Dwight ended up stealing the medicine and leaving so Negan had to send a bunch of people after them. After Sally lost her sister Dwight decided he would man up and return and apologize. Naturally Negan was going to have some sort of revenge, Dwight begged for Sally not to be hurt and Negan decided he would just kill Dwight until Sally said she would marry Negan if Dwight lived. So Dwight got the iron on his face instead, and ended up joining on with Negan. Negan says now he became one of Negan’s top guys and they are totally cool, saying that with time he knows that can happen here with Daryl. So he has one question for Daryl, who is he? He ends up saying Daryl, which causes Dwight to flip out and Negan says it’s OK he made his choice, it was a dumb choice but he made his choice. Dwight throws him back in the cell and asks if he knows his choice was on a spike or in the nice Savior room. Daryl says he understands why Dwight made his choice, because hew as thinking of someone else, and that is the reason why Daryl can’t.