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Nancy finds the dress of a girl that was murdered in her attic. Nancy tries to get the cold file on Lucy, who was the girl who died twenty years ago. It was her dress she had found in her attic. She also makes a date with Nick to meet him on the beach.

Nancy wants to get her hands on some of Tiffany’s blood. She wants to do her own toxicology research. They make a plan to get the stuff needed to get into the morgue and get the blood but George chickens out. Nancy watches it go down. Nancy gets the tool she needs to break into a car. She is able to break into the car and get the key card she needs to get into the morgue but receives quite a scare as the ghost of Lucy or Tiffany shows herself in the window of the car.

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Bess and Ace successfully stall the van that is going to the morgue. The driver of the van is changing their tire. Nancy is able to extract the blood. However, eerie stuff keeps happening around her. Tiffany’s body was “breathing”. Nancy get caught but not before giving George the evidence so it won’t be confiscated by the police.

Mr. Drew burns a bloody dress. Everyone but one gets water. Someone misses a phone call. I didn’t read Nancy Drew as a young girl. Did she always dead with the paranormal/supernatural? I thought she was just a mystery solver like the Hardy Boys. Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…

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