Source: Spoiler TV

The last lines have been sung, the final notes strung out, the ultimate battle played on the field. As Jester provided a beautifully sung battle cry ( and then hid like a Sweeny coward), we enjoyed the finale episodes of what’s been an eventful season.

As the Hortensians were outnumbered 5:1 by the Valencians, Galavant, Richard and their zombie horde marched onward for love. Isabella inspired her troops/subjects/family with a speech VERY reminiscent of Theòdan’s in ‘Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’ (my allergies may have acted up a skoche). It was the bravery of a warrior princess and I was impressed at the depth of expression Karen David gave Isabella all season.

On the other side of the divide, Madalena and Gareth had a serious disagreement over the use of the DDEW (Dark Dark Evil Way). While Madalena-at the behest of Wormwood-wanted to wipe out the Hortensians with the use of dark magic, Gareth retained a semblance of honor and wanted to duke it out on the battlefield. In the heat of the fight, Galavant, Richard and the zombies join in and good begins to edge evil…until the DDEW is used by Madalena.

Having trapped the good guys behind the walls (including Gareth, now on the side of right), it looks bad for our heroes. In waltzes Sid…with his own army! Beating Madalena and King Richard displaying One True King skills, all is put to rights. Isabella’s parents are restored to their thrones, Richard is reunited with Bobbi and restored to HIS throne and Isabella and Galavant are married-and finally share a non-musty, non-yeasts, perfect kiss.

It was the perfect end to a picture perfect season. Here’s to a season three of Galavant if only to see just how awesome a dragon Tad Cooper turned out to be. “I have a dragon!” Yes you do Richard. Yes you do.