Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

These days, I’m constantly fighting the urge to ship Jane and Michael, and Chapter 39 made it even harder than ever. After two disastrous parties, Jane finally felt like she could let loose when she was back in Michael’s presence. At the end of the night, when Jane was still tipsy enough to let all of her feelings loose, but sober enough to know she meant what she was saying, she professed to Michael just how much she actually loved him. He makes her feel safe, protected, and loved, so it didn’t feel to her that she was experiencing her last nights of freedom—to her, it felt more like she was finally free. Honestly, that is all you can ever hope for—to love your significant other like Jane and Michael love each other. I’m still about 150% sure that something is going to go VERY wrong before they get their happy ending, but for now, we can be happy for them.

But Alex!! I thought you were totally #TEAMRAF?!

I still am! Very much so, but I also love love, and Jane and Michael have a great relationship. Also I still feel like there’s hope for Jane and Raf because there is no way, on a telenovela, the female protagonist gets married at the end of the second season without a hitch. I’m not saying I’m HOPING for something to go wrong, but I just feel it coming.

Okay, let’s rewind a bit and talk about these parties.

Jane’s party

Jane wanted a nice relaxing party with no drama and a limited amount of booze, sadly, no one respected her wishes. Xiomara and Lina planned an all-out bachelorette party complete with a party bus and a surprise stripper. If I were Jane, I’d be pissed too. She’s the bride, she deserves to have the bachelorette party SHE wants. Xiomara went wild and caused a lot of problems for Jane with one of her professors. Not to mention, she made out with a guy Lina was into. The episode ended with Jane and Xo in a fight, and as bad as I feel for Xo, Jane was right. It was totally unfair of her to cause Jane more stress during her bachelorette party…as well as other areas of her life. Xo is her mother, she needs to act like one.


Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

Michael’s Party

After a mixup, Rogelio planned Michael’s party for him. And it was not a bro party. Actually that seemed more like my ideal party—maybe without the weird purple-themed dinner. But the spa? Yes please! The problem was that Michael didn’t feel like he could let loose with his friends because Rogelio was listening in. This led to a little bit of a fight, but then, a deeper understanding between the #Brogeliosforlife.

After watching both, who’s party would you have rather attended?? Let me know in the comments!

…you didn’t really think I was gonna quit before talking about that MAJOR twist did you?? Petra has a twin!! And the entire episode, we thought this girl was Petra running away! What do you think this girl is up to? How do you think she’ll fit into the story?